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Men’s Fashion Trends – The Evolution of Cut-off Jeans

When you think of blue jeans, you probably can’t remember a time when they were not part of your wardrobe. Since the first jeans were brought to market in the 1800’s by Levi Strauss, they have evolved in style. One such product of the jean evolution has been the cut-off jeans.



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Men’s Fashion Trend – New Colors For New Jeans

Each season seems to bring slightly new or unique pieces of clothing to collections and although with denim the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented, sometimes it’s nice to see something just a little bit different than your old standbys.  If you’re searching for some fresh denim choices to transition into your closet, Levi’s jeans for men will have you covered.  With both new styles and colors, they always have an option to match your own style and personal preferences.  Whether you want to buy Levi’s jeans in New York, or are just searching online for a new pair, Dave’s New York certainly has you covered.  Check out these three new options from Levi’s:

501 Shrink to Fit in Chalk Blue

Levi's 501 Liteweight Rigid Shrink to Fit Jeans -

This limited edition Levi’s 501 shrink to fit jean comes in a lighter-weight 10-ounce denim, making it a great option for the warm weather seasons.  As can be assumed by the name, Levi’s shrink to fit jeans shrink when washed, so they should be bought a bit larger than what actually fits.  For sizing purposes, if your waist is 27” to 36” add 1” to your waist size.  If your waist is 38” to 46” then add 2” to your waist size.  In regards to length, add 3” if your length is 26” to 34” and add 4” for lengths of 36” or higher.  For jeans in New York, Dave’s New York has the perfect options.

501 Shrink to Fit in Mineral Red

Levi's 501 Liteweight Rigid Shrink to Fit Jeans - Mineral Red

For a bolder look, try the Levi’s 501 Shrink to Fit in Mineral Red.  Sized in the same fashion as mentioned above, both of these jeans have a classic, straight leg fit, with a 17” leg opening.  With a button fly and original fit that sits at the waist, the 501 fits classic through the seat and thigh.  Levi’s jeans for men are always an easy option for spring and summer.  If you’ve been searching for Levi’s shrink to fit in New York, Dave’s New York has many various colors and washes.

514 Tumbled Ray

Levi's 508 Regular Fit, Tapered Leg Jeans

Levi’s 514 Skinny men’s jeans are another great option for the season.  Providing a rigid denim look with a stiff feel, and a clean look without fading, the fit on these is slimmer than the traditional 501 and 505 jeans.  Currently one of their most popular fits, these combine traditional Levi’s jeans, New York style and quality sure to be trusted.  The 514’s sit below the natural waist, and offer a straight leg with a slim fit through the seat and thigh.  Finding high quality Levi’s jeans in New York City is easy with Dave’s New York.

If you’re in need of some new jeans for spring and summer, the selection of Levi’s available at Dave’s New York can’t be beat.  With a history of quality and offered in traditional styles as well as newer options, cuts and colors, Levi’s jeans are a great selection for days and nights in the city.  As mentioned earlier, with jeans “the wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented,” but having new colors and styles does give you more variety for the season.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Choosing a Pair of Jeans for Winter Weather

When the winter brings in the bitter cold weather, the type of jeans that you choose can be the difference between being warm and dry or feeling like a popsicle. The things that you want to take into consideration are the materials and the fit.

In choosing a pair of jeans that is “cold proof”, you want to select one that has heavier feeling denim. The heavier the denim, the less likely it will be that the wind and cold will be able to penetrate through your pants. Fortunately, there are online clothing retailers, e.g. Jonathan Trumbull, that understand this need and can accommodate us gents with reasonable prices.

Eddie Bauer Loose fit Jeans

One great example of heavyweight 100% cotton jeans for men readily available for online purchase are the Loose Fit Five-Pocket Jeans by Eddie Bauer. They are constructed in traditional jean styling, but are made of 13.5 ounce cotton denim. If you are looking for something that has a little more insulation, Eddie Bauer also makes a classic and relaxed fit flannel lined jean for the same price.

Eddie Bauer Classic Flannel jeans

The second thing that you need to consider in selecting the right jean for winter is the fit. When your trousers are a little on the looser side around the thighs and the calves, there is a small pocket of air between your skin and the material. This pocket of air is heated by the temperature of your body and serves as insulation between you and the jean, so even though the jean itself will be cold from the outside, it will feel warmer on the inside. However, if you have any sort of draft down through the waistline or in through the pant cuffs, it won’t apply. So, your best bet is to select a pair of jeans that fits good in the waist and be relaxed or loose fitting throughout the legs with a length that will cover the top of your shoes.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – End of the summer sales

If you are the kind of guy who likes great quality clothing, but doesn’t want to pay full price, then now is the time of year to start looking for items to add to your wardrobe. The “end of the season sales” can be the best time to stock up on essentials for next season or just pick up that piece of clothing that you have had your eye on, but didn’t want to top dollar for.

For example, at bergdorfgoodman.com there is a classic denim blazer by Michael Kors that is located in the men’s sale section. It has a notched lapel, a welt chest pocket, two flap pockets, a two button closure, and comes in a versatile indigo cotton denim. This is a great casual item that was originally $495, but has been marked down to $222.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Faded jeans or dark tones: Which ones will rock next year?

We all know that jeans are a classic staple in men’s fashion. Jeans for men are always in style, and always an important part of a man’s wardrobe. Denim styles are constantly changing, but the importance of a good pair of jeans in a man’s fashion rotation will never go away. So what jeans should you be wearing next year? When it comes to your jeans, the options are as varied as your imagination. Dark jeans, faded, distressed, torn, slim fit, wider leg, colored, and so on. What pair of jeans you should wear depends on the occasion, season, and your mood. Your personal style can influence your denim choices, but if you are a fashion conscious individual, you want to make sure you’re up to date. We’ll provide you with the knowledge you need about mens designer jeans, so you can make the best choice possible.

Dark wash jeans should be a wardrobe staple. A dark wash is forever flattering, and, while jeans are by no means formal wear, definitely makes for dressier pant than a faded pair of jeans. Dark jeans are slimming and create a sleek, stylish look. You can dress down your dark wash jeans during the day with a simple fitted t-shirt or a casual button down. Throw a sport coat or a sweater on for evening, and you’re ready to hit the town. You can keep this look simple or accessorize with a scarf hat, sunglasses, and so on. Dark jeans are great for any activity- from kicking around town to date night. Jeans are perfect year round, and dark jeans work perfectly for all seasons.


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A Different Look: A Girl’s Guide to Men’s Denim Done Right

Guest post by Alessia

We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl (yes, I’m quoting Madonna, let’s move on). To deny it would be to lie. It’s the reason so many movies exist with the same premise: a popular girl taking a helplessly nerdy guy, dressing him like a popular guy and the two eventually fall in love ‘cause his new-found popularity brought them together. It’s the reason an ordinary guy would never try to pick up Lady Gaga, because her Kermit the Frog dresses, hair bows and general S&M attire make her terribly unapproachable and intimidating.

So what’s the reason? Simply put, clothes matter.

Left: Rock Revival Mick 15 Boot Cut Denim   Right: Rock Revival Paul 14 Straight Leg Denim

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s kind of the focus of this whole little blog. Now I’m not saying that Gaga would ever want to be approached by any putz off the streets, ‘cause, let’s face it, she’s Gaga. However, when it comes to the ordinary men of the world who do not want to appear to women as the male equivalents of Gaga (i.e. aesthetically off-putting), carefully chosen, lady-approved outfits must be implemented.

This is where denim comes in- more specifically, denim by rock revival jeans. Most men turn to a pair of jeans as their go-to outfit, mostly because they’re an easy and low-maintenance outfit. This is true, but only if denim is done right. A bad fit, a tacky wash or unnecessary, awkward designs can make for denim disasters. Enter Rock Revival. This is denim that can be considered both exclusively casual and more formal. Boasting superior fits and premium fabrics, good-looking jeans have never felt better on you. What makes the brand special, however, truly is their signature designs, which are featured heavily enough to make your jeans special, but are understated enough to ensure that the jeans aren’t wearing you.

Take it from a girl- Rock Revival is a sure-fire way to make you not look like a fool. Visit Luello.com to view denim by Rock Revival.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Bowie Jeans by Kasil Workshop

Every so often, I am awarded the chance to review merchandise that leaves me awe-struck and wanting more. The Bowie jeans from the renowned denim brand Kasil Workshop are one such piece. Let me explain my enamor to you now so you can start saving up for a pair of your own, ’cause you need one.

First, although these jeans are pretty damn slim, they aren’t constrictive on the legs or the pelvis, which is my quintessential beef with skinny denim at large. Praise form-fitting! On top of that, the denim itself is super-soft and almost pliable, which not only helps them be more comfortable, but also makes the process of cuffing that much easier.

Secondly, despite being slim, Bowie’s pockets accommodate for all my carrying needs. The front pockets are deep, roomy, and sown with plum-colored cotton fabric – gotta say I love that last little detail. The right one also comes with a cute key pocket, perfect for storing a couple of quarters or a stick of gum. The back pockets are spacious too and come with a simple yet noticeable design, no studs or crazy patterns. Additionally, none of the pockets bulge when occupied, which I find a bit magical.

Thirdly, and this goes without saying, the stitching is top notch and the waist perfectly matches my waistline. Again, I’m head-over-heels in love with these jeans and I think you’d fall for them as well. Be sure to give their newest collection a gander at the Kasiljean Official Shop.

Did I mention that the interior of the cuffs match my Chucks?! SWOOOOoonnn….

Gents, remember to check out our contest for a $3,000 diamond cufflinks!!!

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