Men’s Fashion Exclusive – 25% At H&B London!!


Just in time for Christmas, get an exclusive 25% off all handmade British wallets and sterling silver cufflinks from H&B London using the discount code:


H&B London is a luxury British men’s accessories brand, founded on elegant design and traditional craftsmanship. Committed to old-fashioned quality, we use only the finest materials and the best British artisans to craft modern classics using traditional techniques.

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Men’s Wedding Advice – Accessories for your special day

Hello there, grooms-to-be. You don’t get much of a look in with this whole wedding schemozzle, do you? It’s hardly fair. Not every bride relishes the idea of micromanaging the entire day. And not every bloke would prefer to be at the pub sinking tinnies instead of choosing table decorations. It’s just television and film has led us to believe that that’s the way it goes. Seagull Gifts asks you to reconsider the role of the man on and leading up to the Big Day.

cache_300_300_PIE034 ellen pittman, foot links in white  in sterling silver and chiecken feet leather

Menfolk, it’s time to stand up and be counted in your own wedding preparations! Groom Power! Nix the beef wellington! Say no to gardenias- after all, you’re more of a cherry blossom man! And for gods sake, take charge of your costume. Your bride certainly will have done so for herself.  She’s not going to idly sit in front of the television while someone else masterminds her outfit.

Yeah fair enough, I hear you say- but how? What do I need apart from a half decent suit?


Accessories, chaps. Cuff links, foot links, rings, pendants. You can make a small but important statement- ‘this day is important to me, too’- with some well chosen accessories. They don’t have to be of the staid, traditional variety, either. Modern men’s accessories feature all manner of wild and wonderful themes, motifs, and materials. Metal, cardboard,  and paper, to name a few. You might have always nursed a secret desire to be captain of a ship. Your wedding day is about indulging fantasies- why not choose a nautically themed pendant for your suit lapel? Your bride (or groom) is certainly not going to be turned off by the idea of a sailor.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – How to Get the ‘Geek Chic’ Look

We recently took a look at the trend for ‘geek chic’ glasses, but what to do when you want to achieve a more complete look that takes ALL its cues from the increasingly fashionable nerd herd? Sure, an offbeat accessory here and there can imbue an otherwise smart suit or muted ensemble with a touch of geeky kook, but if you really want to showcase your inner Sheldon then you can top-to-toe your look with a few handy pointers.

As the ongoing trend for the look continues to cross over into the mainstream, it means there’s never been a time where embracing your inner geek has been so acceptably in vogue. From real-life big brains such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg flying the flag for techies, to cool celebs like Jason Schwartzman and Xavier Dolan embodying the look and lifestyle – it’s definitely hip to be square in 2012.

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Father’s Day Advice: Other gifts for Dad

Some gifts we get will always be kept and looked at with a smile. Making your gift that special for Father’s Day can be easy with Getting Personal. Exploring this site you will find a huge selection of gift ideas so you can match the perfect gift for your favourite part-time golf champion, armchair formula one racing driver or gardening guru.

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Father’s Day Contest: Win Diamond Cufflinks!!

Gents, have we got a Father’s Day contest for you! We’re so excited that G3 Jewelry sponsors the prize for this holiday sweepstakes, which is – wait for it – a pair of cufflinks! DIAMOND BEJEWELED CUFFLINKS. O_o

By the way, these suckers have a retail value of $3,000. I kid you not. There’s only one way to land a chance at these beautiful and elegant accessories and it’s by following these simple instructions: Post a comment to this very post telling about the worst Father’s Day gift you’ve ever seen. Ugly ties, meager gift certificates…we want to know how pathetic it can get. And of course, the more embarrassing or funny the confession is, the better. We’ll select the winning entry at random.

The deadline’s Thursday, June 17th, 2010 at 12 p.m. EST. Mark your calendars and read up on techniques of self-deprecating humor! And don’t forget to include your email address in your submission! Good luck gents!

Brought to you by G3 Jewelry Inc. Uniquely designed diamond jewelry and watches customized to fit your distinctive lifestyle.

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