Men’s Fashion News – 2012 CMA Awards

If you have ever been to Nashville, you know that there is no lack of “Cowboy” fashion. Whether you are in the restaurants, nightclubs, or just walking along the street you will see plenty of the “casual cowboy”.

One event that brings the Country Style front and center is the CMA Awards. At this year’s 46th Annual Country Music Awards, the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville was filled with Country Music’s finest performers, current fashion trends, as well as Country Style.

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56. Let’s talk hats

INFEASIBLE: Straw cowboy hats

(From Hat Country)

Hats are another sticky topic: some people, yours truly included, can never pass off a hat. And frankly, I haven’t figured out why just yet and instead just work off of intuition. That being said, straw cowboy hats are disasterous and usually shoddy items that invoke images of a sweaty hick rather than John Wayne.

Feasible: Short-rim cadet cap

(Brought to you by

If you’re someone that can pull off a hat, then more than likely a short-rim cap like the one above would work for you. The lesson to be learned here is that, unlike other accessories (e.g. rings, bracelets), hats are not meant to be extravagant.

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