Fashion Textile Spotlight – The Best Cotton in the World

There is nothing more exquisite than the feel of the cotton against the skin. With so many different types to choose from, companies and knitters globally can at last find the very best cotton in the world with one company, Emilcotoni, who are able to offer a superb collection of the finest yarns. Whether durability or silky softness is required, it can now be found in one place. Emilcotoni have over the past few years been investing in technologically advanced machinery, ensuring a constant production of the best cotton in the world for their customers who produce high end cotton products.


There are many different yarns available, some much rarer than others, such as Sea-island cotton, grown in South Carolina, and Georgia and Egyptian cotton, both known as extra-long staple cotton and considered to be some of the best cotton in the world. Egyptian cotton, grown along the River Nile is synonymous with fine cotton which is both soft and durable. Giza 45 is another superb example, with each fibre having a length of at least 45mm, resulting in a wonderful softening after each wash. Whether Melange, Peruvian Pima and Suprima cotton yarn, the finest cottons are available at Emilcotoni.

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Men’s & Women’s Fashion Advice – Work Your Material For Work

When it comes to buying cloths for work, it is possible to tailor your outfit to meet the demands of almost any job or environment. Knowing how materials perform in various conditions is important to ensuring that you end up with the perfect combination of fibers for the environment you find yourself working in. The following workwear tips should help to clarify what materials you can choose from as well as the properties they provide to the garments they are used to make.


Cotton Duck

Cotton is popular because it is light, durable, and breathes (allows moisture to move away from the body). The term “duck” refers to the way in which the cotton is woven. Cotton duck fabric is exceptionally durable (it was once used for ship sails), second only to leather in its ability to block wind, and one of the softer fabrics used in workwear (it gets softer with washing).

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Heritage Oxford Shirt

Lands’ End Canvas specializes in casual women’s and men’s clothing with an occasional drop of fashionable accessories – can’t say I’ve heard of them before I got an email from one of their marketing directors. Let’s see how their men’s Heritage Oxford Shirt fairs under the Ian treatment.

First off: love the pink stripes. They’re not that neon-bright shade flaunted on Thomas Pink men’s shirts, but not bashful by any stretch. Secondly, it’s made with treated 100% Cotton, so it’s damn soft and comfy. Laid-back like whoa.
I gotta say, though, these buttons are a little uninspired. There is a definite difference between “casual” and “cheap” – unfortunately this piece missteps into the latter with its choice of fasteners. Still, I like this shirt enough to consider taking matters into my own diabolical hands and supplanting the issued buttons with designers ones I find online. The relatively thin material, almost like that of a t-shirt, also lends a problem to those that sweat pretty heavily in the heat.


The collared shirt machine washes very well after I got some chicken soup and broccoli juice on the sleeves. All and all, I’d recommend the Heritage Oxford Shirt for men looking for a little flair in their casualwear.

Gents, remember to check out our contest for a fashionable men’s ring!!

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63. Summertime + Suits

INFEASIBLE: Chino-based suits.

(From Banana Republic)

I know what you’re thinking these days. Sure, it’s getting close to the summer and you wanna be cool and slick looking when the sun’s a-shining high and the birds are making it with the bees. That’s fine, hell, that’s what you SHOULD be thinking. But you might also be thinking, “Hey. I tend to associate the material wool with winter – so why would I wear a wool suit during the summer?” BR is prying on this line of thought with this cotton/khaki suit, and fuck, you might have fallen for this trap. Guys, if there’s something to ever snub in the fashion world, it is a chino-based suit. That and a 100% polyster getup. Both REEK of Miami Vice.

Feasible: Light wool, light color

(Brought to you by Bluefly)
Here’s a little known fact: wool breathes. Air passes through strangs of wool, thus providing ventilation of sorts. Sure, cotton breathes too, but wool always looks good. And wool doesn’t shrink. And wool isn’t CHEAP (I went there). As for making this Ted Beaker a little more festive (yeah, I know, my love of gray isn’t universally revered), try having the breast pocket unsown and sticking in a cheerful pocket square. “Which pocket square?”, you ask. Just you wait and see.

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