Women’s & Men’s Fashion Advice – Stay On Top Of Casual Fall Fashion Trends

Converse shoes purple - Converse Women's Star Player EV Ox

It seems like fashion – even in the everyday, casual respect – is forever changing, and with a new season rolling in, it’s time check in to see what’s transferred to hot and what’s now not. From the crazy costumes worn at this summer’s festival, to what you’ll be wearing for less than formal occasions for the remainder of 2013, the rest of this article will enlighten you on the past, present and future fashion trends.


2013’s festival fashion was a sight worth seeing this year, with the craziest costumes being found at Bestival Morph Costume Co, where people dressed as animals, sea creatures and even Tetris shapes, which had us all reminiscing about our favourite childhood game.

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Fashion Spotlight – Slip on a pair of Converse Mens Trainers

There is really only one choice for a pair of shoes that offer incredible versatility so they don’t look out of place in anyone’s wardrobe or with any other item of clothing are durable enough to last you a long time and most importantly are as comfortable after hours of continuous wear as they were the first time you put them on straight out of the box.  The brand that delivers all this in a collection of shoes that has hardly changed their designs in over a century is Converse.

Converse Mens Trainers

The iconic Chucks were made famous by basketball star Chuck Taylor who asked Converse to make him a decent, comfy pair of trainers and they were so successful the Converse Chuck Taylor Trainers is one of the bestselling shoe designs in the world. The standard Converse Trainers are available as High-Tops making them almost boot like or you can have them as OX’s which look like a regular shoe shape and they are available in a number of different colours, the most popular being Black and Optical White, but there are many ‘core’ colours like Red, Navy and Charcoal that are always available, but every season new colours and prints briefly appear so you will never run out of choice. The majority of Converse Mens Shoes are made with canvas uppers which lends to their comfort, but if you fancy something a bit more hardy then you can find Converse Leather Trainers too, or if you want a pair of shoes that will really stand out Converse make multi-tongue and double upper versions of their trainers. The simple shape and design of Converse Mens Trainers makes them ideal for any occasion while still being iconic.

As if that isn’t enough choice from the company with the one star logo they offer many different styles like Converse Star Player EV Trainers and the brand-new Converse Chuck Taylor Chuckout and Helmsman Trainers perfect for a beach and surf lifestyle, or the latest Converse Warrior Trainers perfect for skaters everywhere.

Converse Mens Trainers can’t be recommended enough and no one will be disappointed with the quality and comfort they provide with simply brilliant style but if you’re still in doubt then chances are someone you know will have owned a pair or two and they’re sure to confirm you can’t go wrong with a pair of Chucks.

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The foibles of slip-on casual shoes

*[Wearing shoes to be “trendy” is already pushing the envelope towards the Grotesque – but if you’re intent on this course of action, here’s what I have to say.]*

Vintage-looking, oddly colored slip-ons
(From Shoes.com)

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not really into the whole “wow! junk that looks like junk from the 70’s” epidemic. These shoes epitomize that “aesthetic” and, consequently, should be cast to the flames.

Feasible: Slip-ons with one crazy-ass thing about them

(Brought you by Shoes.com)

Now, don’t get the wrong impression: I understand and respect the drive to “wyle out”. That’s fine, such impulses are natural. But vintage clothing ain’t wylin’, never will be; stuff like the above is. Let’s break these McQueens down: Decent fabric, seemingly durable, an overall bland design sans the picture of a skull. That’s the point here; without the decal, these shoes are positively boring and the designer realizes this. Wear these on the seldom occasion and you’ll stand apart from the habitual trendster.

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