Celebrity Menswear at 2015 Cannes Film Festival

This time of year, there are a many events that celebrate the Spring and Summer of “blockbuster” movies. You will catch celebrities stopping on the red carpet, while attending their pick of movie premiers or headed to the post-parties. Some of the fashion that you see at these events is as unique as the films themselves.


One huge event that was held this month was the Cannes Film Festival 2015. It was a multi-day event that showcased some of newest and most unique films to date. One celebrity who attended the 68th Cannes Film Festival this year was Sean Penn. He has been well known for his “bad guy” roles in the past and characters that are a “little rough around the edges”, however, Sean’s red carpet appearance had him looking quite polished in his all-black attire. It is funny how a monochromatic look can take things to another level. Sean had nicely tailored, no-frills jacket and pants that is paired nicely with an open neck button-down, a simple belt, and two-tone black shoes to add a little more pizzazz.

russell crowe international film festival

One celebrity guy who decided to leave the glam and glitz at home was Russell Crowe, who arrived on the red carpet in at the International Film Festival in a confusing combination of a long grey suit jacket, an un-tucked blue plaid button-down, baggy blue jeans, and the “piece de resistance” set of grey and blue jogging sneakers. It looks like he started to get dressed for the event, then decided to just go as is. What’s up with that Russell?


Lastly, is a eye opening outfit that was worn by Colton Haynes at the movie premier for San Andreas in Los Angeles, CA. It is true that coral is a huge color trend this Spring and Summer, but Colton decided to go all the way in his head-to-toe tonal coral pink suit. Instead of four pieces all in the some coral family, I could definitely see him with two or three pieces, maybe mixed with some taupe or grey to balance out the look. It could be the difference in keeping him from looking like an ice cream sherbet flavor.

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Men’s Fashion Trends – The fashionable vs. fashion-less at the 2012 MTV Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards is an award that is presented to the best music videos on the cable channel MTV. The event has the ability to draw the attention of the younger set, so sometimes it is called the “Oscars of the Youth”. In the winner’s category, such musical stars as The Cars, Van Halen, Christina Aguilera, Jay-Z, and Rihanna have walked away with the coveted award for “Video of the Year.” Along with some memorable moments like when Taylor Swift’s acceptance was rudely interrupted by Kanye West, there have been some fashion “yays and nays” over the years.

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