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Men’s Fashion Advice – Keep Up With Scents and Fragrances

I have a suspicion that I am like many other men that once we find a fragrance we like we tend to stick with it and buy it continuously until we either receive an alternative as a gift or our scent is discontinued and we have to hunt down our new Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum!

5485105 mens fashion

This year I have been a huge fan of the Tom Ford for Men Eau de Toilette – I needed something for a wedding and was wandering lost around a department store until a helpful assistant pointed me in the direction of this spicy scent. Tom Ford for Men is a rich and exotic Eau de Toilette and I love the hint of black pepper which makes it a warm fragrance and one that is ideal for these winter months.


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Men’s Fashion Review – Hugo Boss Bottled Night

A reworking of the previous Hugo Boss cologne, Hugo Boss Night, takes an entirely different direction in fragrance. It is a woody/earthy scent that has a mix of birch leaves, cardamom, louro amarelo wood, lavender, amaretto, African violet, and musk. The spicy combination with a slight floral allure is intended to convey a greater scene of masculinity and, perhaps, more provocativeness.

nd.8825 225x300 mens fashion

The men’s fragrance, which is packaged in a sleek dark blue bottle, has a great presentation and is available in an Eau De Toilette spray, shave balm, shower gel, and a deodorant stick or spray. Hugo Boss Night is listed with the other Hugo Boss products for $50-$65 for the spray cologne, though some less konwn purveyors may have some of the other products listed for sale at a lower price.


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Men’s Fashion Review – Lacoste 2012 Summer Edition Eau de Toilette

Lacoste, more commonly known for its sportswear, is a French clothing company that was established in 1933 and it is a brand where you will find high-end clothing, accessories, footwear, watches, eye-wear, and fragrance. This year, with all the excitement of the Summer Olympics, Lacoste released a limited edition to their most popular selling fragrances.

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12. White Limited Edition 300x250 mens fashion

Many people don’t really think about it, but the sense of smell is a huge part of our existence. It plays very important part in the making of memories. Our sense of smell transports us back to pleasant and not so pleasant experiences in our past. Fragrance has a way of also setting a mood or creating an impression. Lacoste’s limited edition fragrance campaign, “Celebrate the Beauty of the Game,” can apply to the 2012 Summer Olympics, as well as to life in general.


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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Strange Invisible’s Peloponnesian

Some men refuse to use cologne – I for one embrace it. The practice strikes me as a no-brainer: could I smell like something exotic and sophisticated, or fall back on my normal extra-sweaty musk? Derrp. Now of course some colognes suit some men better than others and, in general, I find that floral-based parfum usually makes my nose cringe. So when I received a sample of Peloponnesian by Strange Invisible, I was curious to try it out, but hesitant to believe it would work for me.
pelo2 mens fashion
Strange Invisible’s website describes the cologne as “comprised of organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences set in a base of 100% organic, beverage-grade grape alcohol.” I guess its organic nature and the full disclosure of how its made might be a selling point for some, but I frankly don’t care too much about the chemistry or the accompanying copy. Instead, I’m looking to talk about its notes.

The base notes are orange and lime, which do no jive with my sense of smell at all. The orange’s just too pungent and the bitter quality of the lime further stirs my nostrils. After an hour or so, the middle notes kick in, featuring mountain sage honey. This I liked, but unfortunately the sweet scent faded quickly. I didn’t really pick up any signs of the purported end note, “sea water breeze.” Shrugs.

I guess I can’t recommend Peloponnesian in good faith. I do, however, recommend you try it out for yourself at Sephora or your local perfume store.

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Lesson #89: Insights into cologne

I know, pick out a quality cologne’s gotta be tough for you guys, since I bet you’ve walked around a whole day and not realized you neglected to put on deodorant. Fortunately, I’m here for you.
burberrythebeat0709lg94 mens fashion
Burberry the Beat
INFEASIBLE: Colognes that smell like spices
Cologne shouldn’t smell like spices for one simple reason: they’ll make you smell like a hot dish. Burberry’s The Beat sports a “hefty” scent of pepper, a smell that is called for at an Italian restaurant, but certainly not appropriate for the musk of a gentleman. What next, a cologne that smells like curry? Vodka? Cigarette butts? Oh Burberry, you kill me.

p211369hero mens fashion
Bvlgari AQVA pour Homme Marine

Feasible: Colognes that smell like flowers and fruits

The whole point of wearing cologne is to smell pleasant and crisp, not to burn someone’s nostrils. This Bvlgari smells like wildflowers and grapefruit, all things I or anyone else wouldn’t mind inhaling a bunch of times over. You would do yourself right to buy this; and here, have some Sephora coupons while you’re at it: http://www.retailmenot.com/view/sephora.com. Thank me with backlinks, biatch.

And readers, don’t forget to check out CE’s watch contest!
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31. More about cologne

INFEASIBLE: L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent
41YEZ7WMB6L. AA280  mens fashion
(From Amazon mens fashion )

Gag. Smells awfully like Rubinoff vodka. Upon smelling it, I immediately went back in my mind to the first time I threw up because of alcohol (Rubi was the culprit); cost me a nice pair of jeans. What a nice memento, Yves!

Feasible: Escada
41MGF73ABTL. AA280  mens fashion
(Brought to you by Amazon  mens fashion )

Now Escada has a sweet, fresh smell that anyone can enjoy. And no embarrassing flashbacks with this one.

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21. Cologne

INFEASIBLE: Valentino’s V Pour Homme
P147410 lg mens fashion
(From Sephora)

Ever consider using Beefeater gin as cologne? Wanna spend a lot more for something that smells just like it and for a fraction of the volume? Then V is your ticket to smelling like a drunkard.

Feasible: Dior’s Fahrenheit 32
Fahrenheit32 mens fashion
(Brought you by Garden.co.uk)

Now this is the shit. Distinctive, aromatic, and certainly doesn’t make your eyes tear. Tres sexy.

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