Lesson #110: Clipping your money

Money clips own for occasions where you want to travel lightly, but still carry around stacks of cash like a boss. But please, if you’re going to try to be big pimpin’, make sure your (money) clip isn’t showing too much brand allegiance.
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Magnetic Money Clip,Brown,One Size
Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Magnetic Money Clip,Brown,One Size

INFEASIBLE: Clips featuring obvious instances of the company logo
This Ralph Lauren would be a fine accessory to bring with you to the Club (wherever that is), if only it didn’t come with the logo on it. Seriously now, money clips average at a length of 3.5 cm – that means branding like this is bound to be conspicuous. It boggles the mind how this got approved since who the hell gets to see someone else’s money clip that often anyway? Bad integrated marketing move. That and the clip comes magnetized, which could potentially screw with some of your handheld/pocket devices.

Coach leather inlay money clip

Feasible: Clips with consistent elements
Now I totally get why RL wants their logo on it, i.e. exposure, but unfortunately they didn’t come up with as good of an idea  as Coach did. Sure, this piece is EVEN MORE branded, but the instances of the logo belongs to the patterned design rather than as separate and differently-colored elements. Bravo to men’s accessories from Coach, for once.
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33. Messenger bags

*[NOTE: leatherstuff.com is bugging the fuck out for some reason and won’t let you access the site without a password, let alone the image of the ug bag. Just take my word for it, it bleeew]*

INFEASIBLE: Off-gray leather bags
(From Leatherstuff.com
This bag, as all off-gray bags are I imagine, is ugly as hell. In addition, it looks like something I could easily fumble – not very comforting since it is intended to carry stuff as I walk between villas or what-have-you. Not the wisest investment, bucko.

Feasible: Leather Coach messenger bag

(Brought to you by Coach)

Now this is a hot messenger bag. Nice leather, tight and balanced design, roomy, AND it comes in my favorite shade of gray: GUNMETAL. hooah!

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