How to Set Up Your Own Cigar Room

Prepared to graduate from fine tobacco lover to expert? Sooner or later, you’ll abandon the little box humidor on your study’s desk and opt for something more sophisticated in your display AND consumption of cigars.


For instance, consider the sheer variety of fine tobacco products to take delight in. All of them are good but my all time favorite are the the grape flavored splitarillos. All of this fascination and taste inevitable leads to better stogie choices, a much bigger stogie humidor and maybe even a private stogie retreat. Consider these alternatives as your dedication develops.

Humidors which offer big-time stockpiling open doors and can offer both temperature control and humidification. Quality bureau makers, for example, The Humidor Store, StewartBeckwith and others can help you with the basics: regularly in rich wood completes with all-Spanish Cedar insides.

Blend humidors and wine/spirits basements, some with iceboxes for cheeses or different snacks. These can be truly favor and are regularly accessible from wine stockpiling groups. These are normally of top notch and typically extremely costly so be prepared to drop some serious coin.

A definitive addition to the fine tobacco aficionado  is the “stogie room.” Like the wine basement, its exceptionally built to comply with the right temperature and moistness necessities and can have capacity for a huge number of stogies – what’s more the armchair, extra large flat screen TV and spirits and snacks bar to appreciate them with. Simply make certain your arrangement likewise incorporates a top of the line ventilation arrangement.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of the Swiss Army Cigar Cutter Knife

Cigars are the finest drugs bloodless money can buy. They relax you, slow down your perception of time, confer a medley of fleeting yet reassuring thoughts. God, I love cigars.

Swiss Army makes a knife that comes with a cigar cutting tool – needless to say, I was anxious to try it. Imagine not needing to have a standalone cigar cutter handy whenever you discover your long lost Vitola, or not having to use the cutter at the tobacconist that every Dick and Joe uses. [Disclaimer: yes, I am a total fucking snob about tobacco, so suck it.]

The Cigar Cutter Knife comes with 3 laser-sharpened punches (that’s what the site says at least), each for a different sized cigar. And do they ever punch. I tried this sucker on a Churchill, a Panatella, and a Rothschild – excellent results in all cases. With the Churchill though, and I blame myself for poor technique at the time, the hole turned out slightly irregular. Fortunately, the knife comes equipped with a nifty little scissor that I used to perform some minor leaf surgery.
This baby also comes with a knife blade, scissor, and nail file with cleaner. I highly recommend it for any man that takes his cigars seriously: Swiss Army Cigar Cutter Knife.

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