Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of the Swiss Army Cigar Cutter Knife

Cigars are the finest drugs bloodless money can buy. They relax you, slow down your perception of time, confer a medley of fleeting yet reassuring thoughts. God, I love cigars.

Swiss Army makes a knife that comes with a cigar cutting tool – needless to say, I was anxious to try it. Imagine not needing to have a standalone cigar cutter handy whenever you discover your long lost Vitola, or not having to use the cutter at the tobacconist that every Dick and Joe uses. [Disclaimer: yes, I am a total fucking snob about tobacco, so suck it.]

The Cigar Cutter Knife comes with 3 laser-sharpened punches (that’s what the site says at least), each for a different sized cigar. And do they ever punch. I tried this sucker on a Churchill, a Panatella, and a Rothschild – excellent results in all cases. With the Churchill though, and I blame myself for poor technique at the time, the hole turned out slightly irregular. Fortunately, the knife comes equipped with a nifty little scissor that I used to perform some minor leaf surgery.
This baby also comes with a knife blade, scissor, and nail file with cleaner. I highly recommend it for any man that takes his cigars seriously: Swiss Army Cigar Cutter Knife.

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