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Women’s Fashion Advice – Traveling Attire Of Celebrities

When running through airport security it’s easy to want to throw on some sweats or yoga pants for a comfortable flight. Celebrities, however, don’t have the luxury of comfy casual wear as airports are a great place for paparazzi pics. Take a cue from the stars and travel in style without sacrificing comfort.

airportstyle 300x216 womens fashion luggage celebrity fashion

One great celeb trick is a big comfy scarf. Charlize Theron, Miranda Kerr, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all bundled up when traveling. A scarf adds dimension and interest to your outfit. Plus can be worn as a shawl to help keep you warm on a chilly plane.

mkerr gl 13jun12 rex b 1 200x300 womens fashion luggage celebrity fashion

Drawstring pants can look really polished when paired with a structured blazer and heels. This trend can be tricky as it’s easy to look like you’re walking around in your pajamas. Miranda Kerr’s printed Joie pants are effortlessly chic and comfortable enough for a 15 hour flight.

michelle williams 290 150x300 womens fashion luggage celebrity fashion

A structured oversized bag is a great way to look polished and carry everything you need from an extra sweater to all the devices you use to stay entertained while en route.

So ditch the sweats and reach for your favorite celeb inspired look. Just make sure not to forget the sunglasses, as you’re sure to be mistaken for a Hollywood A-lister!

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Celebrity Fashion News – The 2014 BAFTA Awards

On February 4th, 2014 London hosted the British Academy of Film and Television Awards at the Royal Opera House. Some of the highlights were: Dame Helen Mirren, who was presented the BAFTA Fellowship Award by Prince William for her outstanding contribution to British Cinema; Films like “12 Years a Slave” and “Gravity” came out on top; and Jennifer Lawrence was honored as BAFTA’s Supporting Actress in “American Hustle”.

Long suit jackets at Baftas 197x300 womens fashion mens fashion celebrity fashion

Along with the honors of excellence in films, television, and games, the BAFTA’s red carpet was teaming with fashion: some good and some not so good. In the Excellent women’s fashion category was Kate Blanchette in a striking short-sleeve, satiny gown that had a grey floral placement print at the outer hips and outer knee area. Kate’s dress was sleek and had an Asian flavor.

img holdingbaftabestdressed 182357677718.jpg gallery max 300x290 womens fashion mens fashion celebrity fashion

Next, is Lupita Nyong from “12 Years a Slave”, who was dressed in a beautiful aqua, strapless gown with a gleaming gold belt and flowing bottom. The simplicity of Lupita’s gown showed of her natural beauty and the color was refreshing.


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Celebrity Fashion Trend – Summer Movie Premier Mania

Summertime is when Hollywood releases the potential “blockbusters” of the season to the big screen. Celebrities hop from one movie premier to the next for each Red Carpet event, sporting their best fashion photo ops, but some choices are better than others.

Simon+Pegg+The+Worlds+End+Premiere+Red+Carpet+1 200x300 fashion industry celebrity fashion


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Men’s & Women’s Style Watch – Fashion Coordinated Celebrity Couples

When most couples are out for an evening on the town, they want to look good for themselves and their mates. Celebrities, however, have to be mindful of the photographer who will be catching a photo of them for others to see. Some of them hit a “home run” and some don’t even get on first base!

dwaynegabrielle 200x300 womens fashion mens fashion

One great example is this photo of D-Wade, a NBA guard for the Miami Heat, and his date Gabrielle Union. His fitted, tonal stripe grey Henley, jeans, and sneakers is a casual chic look that “plays well” with Gabrielle’s deep grey leather jacket, shimmery silver mini-dress, and strappy grey sandals. Not that they weren’t a good-looking couple to begin with, but their fashion sense makes them a “wow”. Certainly not dealing with dickies clothing here.


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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Tom Cruise

tomcruiset mens fashion

Tom Cruise looks totally careless as he swaggers’ around with his Nike athletic footwear, his New York Giants (?) jogging pants – masterful hemming on those BTW – and his over-sized, wrinkled collared shirt that I’m pretty sure some version of is readily available at your local Target. Word to the wise: looking carefree isn’t the same thing as looking nonchalant, just like laughing when everyone else does isn’t the same as getting the joke. Tom: You’re the joke here.

And get new sunglasses, the 80′s are waaaaaaaaaaaaay over now.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Lamar Odom

gallerymain0927khloereh mens fashion

I can’t say I know too much about weddings and the surrounding ceremonies in the world of hyper-celebrities in 2009, but at least how it was for us laymen back in 2008. For instance, guys wore a buttoned shirt for a rehearsal dinner. I think it would’ve caused a stir to show up in dog tags, an ugly purple tshirt and raggy pants – especially if you’re the groom-to-be. Men, do show up to yours and others’ rehearsal dinners wearing at least something semi-formal.

Oh, and congrats Lamar.

And readers, don’t forget to check out CE’s watch contest!
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Adrien Brody

brody 754 fapl mens fashion
Alright I know: I owe you guys some genuine fashion wisdom instead of more celebrity bashing…but OMFG this photo kills me. Adrien, fix your beard and fire your publicist for letting you walk around looking like a gay European porn star hybridized with a pirate who treated himself to a week-long bender.

Advice post coming tomorrow – after I stop crying.

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