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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Nick Nolte

wenn5430665 mens fashion

Mr. Nolte knows one or two things about the pursuit of a slovenly career of b-acting and drug abuse, but who knew he could also look the part of an infernal mess? With a cabbie hat as stiff as wood dunked in Scotchgard and wispy less-than-golden locks dangling out the back, it’s no wonder this possessed mind could commit of something so diabolical as wearing a collared shirt and only bothering to fasten a single, bottom button. God help us all.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Steven Spielberg

stevenspielberg mens fashion

Steve got it together for the presidential dinner…almost. The tux is nice, the bowtie’s ok – looks a little too straight — and the sunglasses are fun. Of course, none of that matters in light of the ridiculous comb over atop his crown. I feel bad for Michelle Pfeiffer, who was probably gagging the entire time.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Jesse James

jessejames240 mens fashion
Apparently Jesse James doesn’t wear his wedding band anymore, which is shame because it was probably nicest thing he owns. Seriously, someone needs to slip him a note saying, “psst, the whole white thermal + iRoNiC graphic tee combo died alongside the decline of Limp Bizkit and other acts that glorified white trash.” Or a prescription for some anti-psychotics, whichever’s handy.
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Musings on Men’s Fashion – You can look good in glasses

Believe it or not, you can look good in glasses. Sure, you might look better with contacts, but eyeglasses can certainly match, or even enhance, a man’s face. There’s no better way to demonstrate this reality than by checking out some celebrities and their other eyes.

j2520d7 mens fashion

Johnny Depp looked damn collected and serious when he portrayed a character with prescription glasses in the movie The Ninth Gate. In fact, a lot of Johnny Depp’s characters over the decades donned glasses – and who has ever complained? No one of importance at least. The same goes to say for several of Ralph Fiennes’s characters, Jude Law’s, Sean Connery’s, etc…

glasses emmys 425tp092009 mens fashion

Furthermore, as many other bloggers have pointed out, male celebrities wear glasses all the time out in public. At last year’s 2009 Emmys alone, the four gents above took the stage with eyewear (and not with trashy shades mind you). And it goes without saying: famous authors the likes Stephen King rock their bifocals for interviews and jacket pictures with pride.

So now that you see how glasses are not only acceptable but often chic, fear not the four eyes. There are plenty of brick-and-mortar places that carry stylish spectacles, and of course you can always check out glasses online. The point is that attractive, famous people rock glasses all the time and there is no shortage of eyewear catering to the needs of sophisticated men. Don’t be nervous to look smart!

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Usher does it up nice with Diesel

Usher is usually a pretty fashionable fellow; he certainly puts fools like Kayne West to shame. Although he went on a bit of a break from the biz (I think because he had a child or something?), he’s back now and trying to stir up some ish. Good thing he’s rocking this tres cool leather jacket from Diesel for his latest music video. Throw on the “Lil’ Freak” video below and look for the jacket:

Check out a screenshot.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Mark Wahlberg

markwahlberg2 mens fashion
Tips for looking like a doofus:
1)Iron your frumpy polo blindfolded.

2)Wear an ugly black baseball cap.

3)Look slack-jawed for the camera.

Oh Marky, you slay me.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kellan Lutz

kellanlutz435 mens fashion
No one should ever think about dying their hair the color of old mustard, not even hulky actors known solely for portraying emo vampires. Try something a little darker next time, goldie locks.

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