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Celebrity Fashion Trend – Rock Prescription Eyewear

Even though there have been times when glasses were not “in”, this year is not one of those times. People have really embraced wearing their eyeglasses as much as a fashion accessory as a necessity.

SunglassesJohnnyDepp mens fashion

One guy that is always on the top of the list when it comes to fashionable eyewear is Johnny Depp.   Whether he is on TV or in the magazines, he always seems to be wearing a new cool pair.  I’d like to see his collection because it must take up a whole closet on its own.  This particular pair is one of many different Moscot eyeglasses that Johnny has in both clear and tinted glass. The vintage look of the round lens and coppery colored tortoise frame blends well with any wardrobe, always remaining in style.

new glasses styles for men i0 justin timberlake mens fashion


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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Carey Hart

pink435 mens fashion
Carey Hart is largely known for the distinction of racing overpowered bikes in valleys of dirt and being Pink’s baby-daddy. Besides having a penchant for jerseys and more ink in his skin than a copy of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time, here specifically Carey does himself the fashion disservice of wearing a dinky, micro-face watch. I must say, it looks positively femme on him. Did you find that in your beau’s jewelry box, Carey?
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: The Situation

robertdowneyjr2660 mens fashion
We know the Situation behaves and dresses like a numbskull, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see him show up here. Though his black jacket with red touches tickles my fancy for all of three seconds, everything else about this arguably sub-human’s outfit boils the blood. The idiotic tee, the gaudy crucifix, and – ugh – the hair especially. Who are you trying to be, Vanilla Ice circa 1991? Standing and talking with a handsome, well-dressed Robert Downey Jr. just makes you look even more ridiculous. Go back to NJ.

Edit: Sorry Jerseyers, I meant to tell the Situation to go back to Staten Island, a much more wretched place.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Zac Efron

zacefron435 mens fashion
Good hair, good sunglasses, good watch, good…wait, what’s going on upstairs, Zac? Are you wearing a wifebeater over a short-sleeve nightshirt, or is all that one piece? Oh, it totally is all one shirt. The union of low class and sleepwear – how chic.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Andy Cohen

sarahjessicaparker435 mens fashion
Sometimes the most frustrating ensembles are the ones that ALMOST perfect. At first glance, Andy Cohen definitely comes off as dashing with his grey British cut suit and fancy chester-brown shoes – and then you notice his shirt and pocket square. Teal on a square? Especially paired with a light blue shirt featuring red stripes? My god man: so close, yet so far from the mark.

By the way, Matthew, I think you need new loafers.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Matt LeBlanc

0628mattleblancdrunk024 mens fashion
I see that Matt LeBlanc has taken to dressing like The Joker in his time away from the set of Friends. And, apparently, he’s also developed a taste for the bottle along with the hairdos of disheveled, old drunks. Gents, being a sloppy boozer is never in fashion; someone let Matt in on this bit of wisdom, please.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Nick Nolte

wenn5430665 mens fashion

Mr. Nolte knows one or two things about the pursuit of a slovenly career of b-acting and drug abuse, but who knew he could also look the part of an infernal mess? With a cabbie hat as stiff as wood dunked in Scotchgard and wispy less-than-golden locks dangling out the back, it’s no wonder this possessed mind could commit of something so diabolical as wearing a collared shirt and only bothering to fasten a single, bottom button. God help us all.

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