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Celebrity Fashion Trends – Let’s Go Casual

When celebrities are out of their designer tuxedos and evening gowns, their casual personal style has a chance to show through. What they choose to wear on the street and in their travels might pose as a disguise from the flashes of the paparazzi or as a beacon to attract them.

kanye-Paris 2014

The first guy on the streets of Paris this month is Kanye West. He is sporting lots of denim with his bleached denim, button-down shirt that has a now-popular yolked shoulder, front chest pockets, a shirt tail hem, an a bit of a tear for a modern look. Kanye’s darker denim washed jeans draped inside of his work boots give him a more rural, as opposed to urban, look.


Next, are Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who were snapped in the airport in Iowa. Aston is ready for the wintery temperatures with the layered look of his zippered sweatshirt under a black leather baseball-style jacket. Mila is looking stylishly warm in her black overcoat with her long, layered blue scarf and bleached blue jeans. Mila’s outfit is complimented by a snap top black purse and a dark pair of aviator shades.

leonardo dicaprio geek style

Last, but certainly not least, is the street stylings of Leonardo DiCaprio, who is getting his geek on with this look! His pinstriped light grey suit is accented with a baby blue button-down shirt and blue bow tie, but the upper thigh length matching shorts makes it look like he left home in his boxers. If that is not bad enough, the red pedi-socks and black shoes just add to the wrongness of it all.

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Women’s & Men’s Fashion Advice – Stay On Top Of Casual Fall Fashion Trends

It seems like fashion – even in the everyday, casual respect – is forever changing, and with a new season rolling in, it’s time check in to see what’s transferred to hot and what’s now not. From the crazy costumes worn at this summer’s festival, to what you’ll be wearing for less than formal occasions for the remainder of 2013, the rest of this article will enlighten you on the past, present and future fashion trends.


2013’s festival fashion was a sight worth seeing this year, with the craziest costumes being found at Bestival Morph Costume Co, where people dressed as animals, sea creatures and even Tetris shapes, which had us all reminiscing about our favourite childhood game.


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Men’s Fashion Advice: Successfully rocking the band t-shirt

There are times when decide to keep my style simple, and in the summer there is no better look than the band t-shirt paired with a pair of jeans, or weather permitting a pair of shorts.

From Chace Crawford to Sam Worthington, the band t-shirt is a popular look among celebrities and one that anybody can pull off… all you need is your favorite band t-shirt.  You can either pick up a t-shirt at a gig or there are plenty of online retailers selling band merch and t-shirts, which are ideal choices if you can’t make the concert or want to buy a Led Zeppelin t-shirt based on their 1969 tour design.


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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Heritage Oxford Shirt

Lands’ End Canvas specializes in casual women’s and men’s clothing with an occasional drop of fashionable accessories – can’t say I’ve heard of them before I got an email from one of their marketing directors. Let’s see how their men’s Heritage Oxford Shirt fairs under the Ian treatment.

First off: love the pink stripes. They’re not that neon-bright shade flaunted on Thomas Pink men’s shirts, but not bashful by any stretch. Secondly, it’s made with treated 100% Cotton, so it’s damn soft and comfy. Laid-back like whoa.
I gotta say, though, these buttons are a little uninspired. There is a definite difference between “casual” and “cheap” – unfortunately this piece missteps into the latter with its choice of fasteners. Still, I like this shirt enough to consider taking matters into my own diabolical hands and supplanting the issued buttons with designers ones I find online. The relatively thin material, almost like that of a t-shirt, also lends a problem to those that sweat pretty heavily in the heat.


The collared shirt machine washes very well after I got some chicken soup and broccoli juice on the sleeves. All and all, I’d recommend the Heritage Oxford Shirt for men looking for a little flair in their casualwear.

Gents, remember to check out our contest for a fashionable men’s ring!!

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Lesson #95: Buttons, buttons

Buttons with safety-pin fasteners are strange accessories – they’ve always been considered the utmost kitschy – and can only be used in the most casual of situations. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them…
I Heart Mix Tapes Mini Button
INFEASIBLE: Buttons you’d find on CafePress
Sure, there’s a campy quality to all buttons (hell, the first ones were used in campaign promotions for politicians) but that doesn’t mean you should wear something that looks downright schlocky. Word of wisdon: The printwork at CafePress is notoriously cheap, and don’t forget literally anyone can upload their shitty photoshop of Lady Gaga’s crotch hair (WS but NSFM). You would need to search for hours on CP to find anything the least bit designer. All of that and so many of the ideas are just incredibly tired: “I Heart Mix Tapes”? High Fidelity left theaters like 20 years ago, people!

Legion of Doom buttons

Feasible:Buttons with nifty designs

I don’t know what’s going on in this button, but fuck it if it isn’t pretty sweet. That and I admit to liking Legion of Doom. Merchlackey, unlike CafePress, produces high quality buttons, mostly for bands and other music acts, designed by artists. Believe me, you’ll get noticed for a good reason if you wear something like this to your next house party.

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