Men’s Fall Fashion Advice – 5 common men’s fashion mistakes

Who would want to be all decked during the season that stretches from summer to the fall? Sure no one deserves that but this sure doesn’t give you any reason to drop your sense of style and pick up just anything that you feel like.

Be discriminating in your taste at all times! It is so easy to spot out men making common fashion mistakes during this time that it just became to irresistible to not write an article about it.

Check out the common fashion mistakes made by men to know if you’re also guilty of this by any chance, and if yes then you probably can now point out the reason why that hot babe just gave a cold shoulder to all your advances at the beach, the other day:

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49. Cargo pants

[*Sorry about the lack of updates guys, lots of craziness over here – hopefully things will calm down for now.*]

Loose-fitting, multi-pocketed cargo pants

(From Levi’s

As you probably can tell by now I’m not a fan of loose-fitting anything; this includes pants. Therefore, cargo pants in general piss me off. But while I deal with some forms of cargo on occasion, pieces like this one that feature all kinds of pockets in crazy ass places (knee cap??) will never be in my good graces. It’s all just so excessive.

Feasible: Less-loose black cargo pants

(Brought to you by Bluefly)

Everything about this pair, however, feels a little tighter. It’s black, the legs are drawn firmer, the pockets don’t bulge on their own and are the thighs. Good investment here.

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From the CE Mailbox: Work-wear worries

Dear CE,
I worry that wearing a tie and collared shit with slacks doesnt make me look “sirious” enough at work. Can u give some advice 2 me?

Thank u.
– Profesional? [sic]

Dear Professional?,

Spelling skills aside, your self-assessment is on the ball: wearing just a tie with a collared shirt (I hope you mean dress-shirt, not a polo shirt, otherwise you need SERIOUS help) and slacks ain’t going to make anyone respect you at work. From my experience in the corporate/office sector, only interns wear something like that, which is all well and good for such a lowly existence where respect is nothing but a faroff ideal. No, if you are employed a company (i.e. getting paid), you have to do better than that. My first suggestion is get a nice suit – check out my archives to see what (I think) that entails. But if you’re not sure if a suit jives with you or if you don’t have the money for one just yet, then a navy or gray sportcoat from Macy’s; something like this would work.


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