Musings on Men’s Fashion – Summer hats? Hats the debate!

By Paul McGregor of Brighterman Mens Accessories

There’s a continuing myth, which surrounds a lot of guys when it comes to hats. The common statement of “hats don’t suit me” gets thrown around often, with a lot of men opting not to consider hats at all. But with the variety of hat styles in the market today, there’s a piece of headwear for everyone.

With summer approaching in the UK, and the weather getting hotter in other countries, this fun filled season is calling out for a good hat. Mens summer hats are what we are going to be discussing on CEFashion today. (c)

A hat can transform your basic look, into something with a touch of elegance and style, or even something flashy. It makes you stand out, shows that you’re daring and that you’re not following the rest of the herd who follow the myth which of course is, “hats don’t suit them.” But what style of headwear is best suited for summer? In my opinion, Trilby Hats are the perfect hat for summer. Whether you’re going for a straw trilby, which are perfect for holidays or festivals, a classy, cotton rich, black trilby hat which can be added to indie looks or smart/casual outfits, or you’re simply looking to add some colour with a colourful trilby hat, pairing it with a neutral t-shirt and pair of shorts… the opportunities really are endless. Check out some of our favourite trilby hats:

Bailey Of Hollywood Crosby Trilby

Peter Werth Black Trilby Hat

Block Headwear Hallet Trilby Hat

If you’re not a trilby fan, there’s a range of other styles in which you can try. Whether you’re looking to adopt a Williamsburg style or rocking a college styled cheese hat (better known as a baseball cap). How about trying a flat cap? Inspired by the vintage scene, flat caps are a great way to add that vintage feel to your looks. Remember, men’s hats share the obvious function of sun protection but they can also add that touch of style and elegance!

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56. Let’s talk hats

INFEASIBLE: Straw cowboy hats

(From Hat Country)

Hats are another sticky topic: some people, yours truly included, can never pass off a hat. And frankly, I haven’t figured out why just yet and instead just work off of intuition. That being said, straw cowboy hats are disasterous and usually shoddy items that invoke images of a sweaty hick rather than John Wayne.

Feasible: Short-rim cadet cap

(Brought to you by

If you’re someone that can pull off a hat, then more than likely a short-rim cap like the one above would work for you. The lesson to be learned here is that, unlike other accessories (e.g. rings, bracelets), hats are not meant to be extravagant.

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