32. More button up observations

INFEASIBLE: Expensive yet boring dress shirts

(From Saks)
If you want generic dress shirts (i.e. boring ones), why not just go with something low-budget like Van Heusen? Sure, this Armani is somewhat better made, but throwing $225 for something as drab as a white shirt with gray stripes?

Feasible: Expensive shirts that show at least a modicum of creativity

(Brought to you by Saks)

At least with this D&G (similarly priced), you have some cool buttons and a somewhat more creative stripe scheme.
The lesson to be learned here is that if you’re going to go expensive, make sure you’re buying something that looks haute couture for crying out loud. Generic-looking + a fancy Italian brand name != stylish.

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From the CE Mailbox: Tucks

Dear CE,

Could you talk about the codes of conduct for when to tuck/untuck a button up?


Dear InorOut,

Here’s a rubric:

At Work – tucked (no shit)
At Club/Bar/Rave – untucked
On a dinner date – tucked
On a lunch date – your choice

Simple as that.

Corollary: There is the phenomenon of the faux-tuck. The guys over at DETAILS hate it, and I’m inclined to agree with them. There is no ambiguity with button downs – you’re either formalized, or drunk/grinding/rolling/etc., or you’re a tooling around (i.e. rocking a faux-tuck).

THAT BEING SAID, I feel there is a little love to give for only half-tucking in a non-button down shirts (e.g. polos, pullovers, etc.), especially if you’re rocking a belt with a fly buckle. Call me crazy.


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