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The Perfect Rain Boots

There are a lot of articles flooding the internet about winter boots. After checking out many of them, I found, to my surprise that several of their suggestions weren’t really weather-proof at all! No matter how cute those little suede booties or leather riding knee-high boots look they won’t last long in three feet of snow!

We compiled our list of the top boots. Not only are they cute and stylish but they are made for all weather from rain and sleet to snowstorms!

First, the perfect rain boot:

Burberry's Check Belted Rain Boots

There is nothing more annoying that rain boots. Sure they look adorable on children but sloshing around the streets in rubber boots with flowers or duckies on them is anything but fashion-forward. If it must rain, make sure to pack one of our wear one of our choice below. With so many chic options you might look forward to a little wet weather.

Burberry’s Check Belted Rain Boots are one part tough and two parts practical. The wrap around strap and metal buckle add the edge while the matte rubber fabric and rubber grip sole make them perfect for jumping from puddle to puddle.

burberry stud boot
Want even more toughness in your boots? Try Burberry’s Stud Detail Belted Rain Boot and hit those soggy streets running. Or for a more classical approach, the Canvas Check Detail Rain Boots are a rainy day must. The distinctive pleat and buckle detail add a little something extra to the classic rain boot. Plus the matte finish gives them an air of luxury.

Miu Miu Pointy Toe Rain Boot

Hate to trade your heels in for rain boots? Now you don’t have to! Miu Miu’s Pointy Toe Rain Boot features a 3 1/2″ heel and rubber sole. While heels aren’t great for those really bad days, they are certainly a good option if you hate carrying a second pair of shoes in your purse for work and would love to wear one pair all day long.

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Celebrity Fashion Trends – April 2014 Celebrity Street Styling

This week’s celebrity street style includes a few outfits that made the cut and a few that did not. Sometimes, something that may look good on a hanger should stay there and sometimes just one wrong choice can move a look from a great style to a bad one.


The first to make it to the A list is Actor Andrew Garfield, who was spotted on the streets of Berlin, wearing Burberry. Andrew is rocking the chocolate brown suit and mixing in a crisp white button-down shirt, topped with a double-breasted, tan trench coat with shoulder epaulets and a turned up collar. (more…)

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Men’s Fashion Trends – The Shoes of 2014

For men who want to look their best, a new year means a new pair of shoes.  It’s time to cast aside the boots that have trudged through winter snow and the worn-out loafers that have seen one too many late nights.  New footwear is a great way to feel fresh and ready for the world again.  This year’s styles are more diverse than those seen in 2013 so there’s plenty of room to show individuality and keep looking good.  From the runways to the streets, they’re ready to walk.


Utilitarian chic

Straitened times inevitably see the utilitarian look return to fashion – not because it’s all people can afford, but because it suits the mood and it allows people to find something stylish in austerity.  Men’s shoes are no exception and there are some very sleek specimens out this season by the likes of Common and Jonathan Saunders.  These are shoes that convey a disciplined attitude to life, look as good in the boardroom as they do on a construction site and, of course, can be polished up to an impressive shine.  Those feeling cash-conscious can also be confident that they’re long-lasting.

Hybrid shoes

This year, fashion is at one of its turning points when disparate ideas come together in unusual ways, some more successful than others.  One of the ways this is showing up in footwear is in hybrids of the trainer and the traditional shoe.  With springy soles and leather uppers, these may look a bit odd but they’re actually very comfortable.  Gucci are presenting them without socks but that may be a step too far for some people – after all, it’s still only February!


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Last Minute X-Mas Gift Advice!

In a jam for biggest gift-giving day of the year? Check out our favorite quick-and-easy gifts for the rest of the 2013 holiday season!

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 4.07.10 PM


This gorgeous gold key necklace at Macy’s is sweet and playful at the same time. They’ll love it at the office and paired with our favorite party dresses.



Know a camper that needs some flare in their adventure garb? Not only are there a billion little things you can him or her – as clearly displayed at the Caravan Accessories store – of funcitonal value, there are also fashionable options! Check out out these sleek Sealskinz Activity gloves, perfect for any tundra excursion! (more…)

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The Pantone Color of 2014: Menswear in “Dazzling Blue”

Pantone, which began as a printing company in 1950, is a New Jersey company who is well known for their color matching system. It uses a standardization for reproducing colors. How Pantone is related to fashion is that they release a “Color of the Year”, which prompts clothing designers to use this color in their fashion creations for the up-coming year. For 2013, the color was Emerald Green and for 2014, the color is Dazzling Blue. You may recognize this particular tone of blue if you happen to be a Facebook user.

canali-springsummer-2014-derriuspierrecom005 milan

While I was taking a look at what the menswear designers had for 2014, I found a few items that were Pantone inspired. The first one is from the Canali Spring/Summer Collection at the Milan Fashion Week. It is a slim-fitting suite jacket and cuffed trousers in a tonal stripe done in “dazzling blue”. The brightness of the suit is contrasted by a darker blue polka dot tie, a white and blue polka dot dress shirt, and navy leather slip-ons.

giorgio armani s2014 shoes pantone

The next menswear item in the color of the year with “dazzling blue” is a pair of blue and white floral slip-on shoes by Giorgio Armani, in the Spring 2014 collection. This particular pattern and color is a bold look in a shoe and may not be for everyone.

iceburg ss2014 pantone

Another menswear item with the same color is done by Iceburg. It is a combination of trends with one being the vintage style baseball jacket and the other one is the color blocking with the gold, blue, and black asymmetrical design. The blue color makes the jacket pop.


Lastly, is an infusion of a brighter tone of Dazzling Blue with the crew neck, raglan sleeve sweater by Burberry. They keep the blue tone going with the blue suede lace-up shoes. However, if you are a guy who leans more towards the neutral colors, then the “Pantone Color of the Year” may not be for you.

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Lesson #89: Insights into cologne

I know, pick out a quality cologne’s gotta be tough for you guys, since I bet you’ve walked around a whole day and not realized you neglected to put on deodorant. Fortunately, I’m here for you.
Burberry the Beat
INFEASIBLE: Colognes that smell like spices
Cologne shouldn’t smell like spices for one simple reason: they’ll make you smell like a hot dish. Burberry’s The Beat sports a “hefty” scent of pepper, a smell that is called for at an Italian restaurant, but certainly not appropriate for the musk of a gentleman. What next, a cologne that smells like curry? Vodka? Cigarette butts? Oh Burberry, you kill me.

Bvlgari AQVA pour Homme Marine

Feasible: Colognes that smell like flowers and fruits

The whole point of wearing cologne is to smell pleasant and crisp, not to burn someone’s nostrils. This Bvlgari smells like wildflowers and grapefruit, all things I or anyone else wouldn’t mind inhaling a bunch of times over. You would do yourself right to buy this; and here, have some Sephora coupons while you’re at it: http://www.retailmenot.com/view/sephora.com. Thank me with backlinks, biatch.

And readers, don’t forget to check out CE’s watch contest!
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Lesson #86: Ranting about men’s scarves

It’s hot as hades in LA these days, but I bet a bunch of you (i.e. people with actual seasons) will be bundling up soon enough. And since scarves can bundle you up quite well, why don’t we contrast some types…
Burberry Cashmere Scarf
INFEASIBLE: Scarves that a yuppie wouldn’t even wear
Ok fuck it, let’s just be honest here: Burberry’s accessories by and large suck. Whenever I see them I think about snobby douchebags wearing shit-eating grins as they think about how to spruce up their summer houses. Gents, all respect to Mondrian, this is an ugly design for a scarf, period. And so fucking what it’s made of cashmere? THAT DOESN’T MEAN IT SHOULD BE GOING FOR $300 (as of 08/21/09). ANGRY IAN!!!

Forzieri Solid Silk Scarf

Feasible: Solid color scarves

This is something I want to wear for the fall and early winter. It’s not too frilly, it’s smooth as silk (because it is silk), and it matches any number of coats, jackets, overcoats, etc. And it’s only $65, imagine that. Sigh, the world we live in…
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