Men’s Fashion Advice – Underwear, what’s available for you?

Boxers or briefs?  Almost every man has had to answer that question at some point in his life.  However, a loaded question has more than just two simple answers.  Today, the choices for men’s underwear has gone well beyond the realm of just boxers and briefs, and even the most fashionable of men may be a little overwhelmed by the options.


The foundation for a confident, cohesive sense of style for a male isn’t just having the right watch or a great pair of shoes, but his underwear.  Looking great begins with what’s underneath it all and many men simply neglect their underwear drawer, with its contents consisting of frayed boxers, threadbare tighty-whities, and not much else.  Just like with their closets, men should give their underwear drawer an overhaul every now and again – here’s how to get started.

Out with the old, in with the new

While women tend to clear out their drawers every year or so, the average man does so about every eight years.  Clearing out the old underwear drawer doesn’t have to be a project on its own – men can conduct regular maintenance as they would with their car.  It has to start somewhere, so, go ahead and open up that drawer and go through it – the goal is to get rid of any underwear that’s seen better days.  Anything with holes, rips, stretched elastic, or tears should be thrown away.

Stock up

A good rule of thumb is to have at least ten sets of underwear – one for each day of the week plus laundry days.  However, this rule really depends on one’s lifestyle.  Those who workout every day or are into lots of activities might want to invest in double that count.  But remember, the idea doesn’t work in reverse – those who just hang out at home shouldn’t have fewer pairs!


Variety is key

There’s no doubt that men typically enjoy the throngs of thongs that most women have, they often don’t realize that there is a method to the madness.  Women have an array of underthings because some styles just work better with certain outfits.  Men’s underwear is designed with different activities in mind.  Briefs are ideal for almost any situation, while boxers are often better for bedtime and lounging.  Consider activities, clothing, and comfort when selecting which pair to wear.

Buying right

Finding the right underwear is often a trial-and-error experience.  Not every brand is created equal.  The secret to men’s sexy underwear isn’t just looking good, it’s also feeling right.  The ideal brand will fit just right – it will hold the goods in place without being constricting or too loose.

While it may be appealing to simply go commando instead of redoing the underwear drawer, it is worth the time.  Those lucky boxers from college don’t have to hit the trash, but it is time to replace them with comfortable, clean, and functional underwear that not only looks, but also feels good.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Answer The Ultimate Question In Underwear

When it comes to getting dressed each morning, we get ourselves into a routine that usually consists of rolling out of bed and grabbing the first thing we see. If you happen to be the type who is so laid back that you couldn’t care less about wearing odd socks or a creased shirt, now is the time to reconsider your morning routine.


Now we live in the 21st century, men are becoming more aware of their appearance and self hygiene which is a good step towards greater confidence and luck with the ladies. Comfort is the ultimate factor you must consider in order to assert your confidence. So the question is: do you wear boxers or briefs?

It is no secret that men often find it difficult to get their hands on underwear that is comfortable, durable and not to mention, stylish. While boxer shorts have always seemed like the ‘cooler’ option of underwear for a man to wear, briefs are also battling it out and becoming a popular choice among men of a variety of ages. 

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Lesson #85: Men’s low rise underwear and you

Like Mother always said, “Underwear is your friend.” But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a backstabbing, Brutus of a friend.

Ginch Gonch Tiger’s Wood” low rise brief

Underwear that rises up against your junk and looks gaudy as hell

Look, underwear has to be two things: totally comfortable and something that won’t make you look silly when you’re caught with your pants down (intentionally or otherwise). Unless you’re Charlie Sheen, you should probably worry more about how comfortable your underwear sits with your package than how it sits with someone else who happens to be looking at your package. By and large, this “low rise” stuff cups your manliness a little too closely and can cause some sweating, perhaps some irritation. Of course, GG’s pieces are tested and whatnot, so it’s not like a sauna develops down there; still, you’re probably going to wish the fabric didn’t cling to your, err, underside.

Ergonomic considerations aside, underwear really shouldn’t be full of color and look like the back of a poker deck. Consider this kind sirs: how often do you draw attention to yourself via your knickers? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Most of this stuff is gimmicky and gaudy and wouldn’t even work with a commonplace undershirt.

By the way, thanks to Men’s Underwear Blog for raising the topic.

Jockey® GO Mesh Low-Rise Briefs

Feasible: Simple, not too ridin’ briefs
These would match any typical undershirt, don’t provoke a snicker, and don’t rub up against the scrotum. Here here!

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From a CE-related Instant Message: White pants and underwear

santi: anyways white pants are always good to have *
santi: but you cant wear undrepants with them
santi: am i right?
dracon: Depends on how white they are, the tightness, what fabric was used, etc – but generally yeah
santi: so what then, you just go commando? doesnt your junk show?
dracon: Not unless they’re something John Travolta would wear in Saturday Night Fever.
santi: they might be
dracon: Then wear hanes.
santi: i dont own any of that
dracon: Briefs?
dracon: Go steal one from your gay roommate.
santi: hah
santi: he does wear those
dracon: Of course he does.

* – White pants are generally a good idea for tall guys, but not so much for the rest of us.

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