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Men’s Fashion Contest – Win a Braun Cruzer Beard & Head Trimmer

Gents, we’re excited to have a holiday contest for you to be thankful for! We’re giving away a Braun Cruzer Beard & Head Trimmer, a fine piece of machinery for grooming your beard and head hair.  The trimmer and hair comb of the shaver offers six different lengths and is equipped with an ultra-sharp stainless steel trimming element. Check out Braun’s beard trimmer and hair clippers pages for more info about this and other products.

Now, there are two ways  to enter for the prize:

  1. Subscribe to the Braun YouTube page.
  2. Answer the following question in a comment to this post: “How often do you trim or shave?” I like to keep a healthy level of scruff, so I shave every 5 days or so.

Want to increase your chances of winning? Do both! Contest ends December 5th at 6:00pm EST. Good luck!!

Thanks to these fine giveaway listers:
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Men’s Grooming Review – Braun Cruzer Face

Braun, which is a company that has been making personal grooming devices for years, has come up with a new collection of shavers and trimmers called the Cruzer, which is a system for the grooming needs of a man who takes hair very, very seriously. Again, their target man requires more versatility from his shaver to accentuate the definition of his modern hairstyles and facial hair. We had the chance to try out the Face version on a dude seeking a manly yet nuanced beard.


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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of a Matt & Nat bag

For reviews.

Bags are key when traveling, moving, or hauling ass in general. Of course, they’re also a fashion accessory to be reckoned with. Matt & Nat, a socially responsible eco-fashion brand, offers a leather bag constructed from 21 recycled plastic bottles. Available at Atrium, I’ve been curious to see how this product of green happiness fairs for some time.

If only all eco-friendly products were as great as this one! Like I mentioned, the lining is made from about 20 plastic bottles, a fact that at first caused me some worry. Fret not though, this piece is strong and durable, which speaks to the lining/interior job. I was also concerned about the faux-leather handles looking shoddy, but they in fact carry the leather-like luster pretty well. As for the color, the off-green matches any number of subdued trenches, coats, and jackets, and the brass is a decidedly nice touch.

All in all, I would recommend this piece to globe-trotting, stylish men who give a damn about the environment. Good show.
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Lesson #107: Facing electric shavers

A razor can make or break your face. Pick out the wrong one and next you could be looking at a mug full of nicks and cuts. Even investing good money in an electronic razor won’t necessarily ensure a fresh and comfortable shave. Fortunately, we’re here with some advice about which electric razors to embrace and which to chuck in the dumpster.
Philips Norelco arcitec 1050 Men’s Shaver

INFEASIBLE: Futuristic looking but really crappy electronic razors
Razors like these might look cool and high tech, but expect some wicked shaver burn from repeated use simply due to the awkward configuration of the blades. Ouch. Another problem: Given the head of the shaver is connected to the base rather than integrated with it, the head is likely to dent or even break off from a very short drop onto the floor, the sink, etc. In conclusion, not the most user-friendly design, folks.
Braun Series 7- 760cc Shaver

Feasible: Traditionally designed shavers with innovative blade settings
Braun consistently makes some of the best electric shavers out there. This series lives up to the name by being self-cleaning, self-sharpening, super quiet, and the praise of just about everyone on its Amazon product page. It is a bit expensive (around $200 as of 4/8/10) but Braun promises the closest and most comfortable shave of your life short of a professional beautician who knows the art of the Straight Edge. And honestly, I think it looks much cooler than the Norelco, too.
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