Men’s Fashion News – 2012 Tony Awards: Who’s fashion stole the show?

The Tony Awards, formally called the Antoinette Perry Awards, are an award that is given for excellence in live Broadway Theatre performance. Live theatre attracts many of the celebrities that you are used to seeing in movies and on TV, it is just another avenue for their craft. While I was looking at the men’s fashion at the Tony Awards this year, there were some looks that shined and some that flopped.

One A+ was Hugh Jackman in his traditional jet black tuxedo with wide lapels, classic white button-down shirt, and matching black bowtie. The cut of the jacket gave his broad shoulders great audience appeal. Hugh was being honored for raising significant amounts of money for the Broadway Community, as well as his charity work. As he graciously accepted the honor from his wife, I realized that he is a guy that I have never seen look bad.

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