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Men’s Fashion Advice – Hats And How To Wear Them

In past years, hats for men have provided more of a “purpose” than been used as a clothing accessory. They have had a job to do like keeping the sun out of your eyes, trying to disguise your identity, or combating bed head. In recent years, hats have become more of a fashion accessory than a necessity.

stylish baseball cap wearer


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Men’s Fashion Advice – Winter/ Spring Hats

There are so many kinds of hats in the world – caps, bowlers, snap backs, sombreros… But when looking into “Winter-wear” for men, The North Face is a company that you have probably heard of before. One style of hat that is made by them, which has maintained its popularity throughout the years is the “Beanie”.

It is a close- fitting cap that is knit out of acrylic yarn and has an internal band of fleece that provides the extra warmth that you will need on those cold, windy days. The “Bones Beanie”, for example, comes in blue, green, pink, orange, purple, grey, and black.


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