Women’s Fashion Trends – Always Be Ready To Go “Gym-sational”

I was younger I used to be a dancer. In the beginning of the school year we all wore leotards and tights and took pride in our appearance. However, come March my entire class opted for baggy pants and gym clothes. We were only about 15 but the director of the studio came in and scolded us. Something about having pride in our appearance (even when dripping in sweat) and looking professional. We all disregarded the speech but come the next class everyone looked great, not a hair out of place. More importantly though, we felt good and therefore the class went better.

I know it sounds silly (and I for one am not a fan of wearing a full face of makeup and dressing up for the gym), but you’ll work harder and feel better if you’re not wearing an old tee-shirt and sweat pants. We promise! So don’t sweat the gym or the trail, we have you covered. Here are a few easy and affordable pieces to keep you looking good while on the treadmill or trying out one of the new Ridley road bikes.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Biking Fashion

When you think of men’s bike clothing, a picture of riders racing in the Tour De France or the USA Pro Challenge may be the first thing that comes to mind, but biking has grown in popularity outside of the professional race circuit. The professional bike racers have their official team gear, but the average consumer has a larger selection in their own fashion choices.

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