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Men’s Fashion Advice – Pulling Off a Street Look

The street look is one that never goes out of fashion –and always comes off at looking effortlessly cool (which usually takes a lot of effort!). There are certain necessities that come standard with the street look in order to make it work, and not only do they look great, but many are practical for staying comfortable all year round.


Not just great as a practical solution to keeping your ears warm, beanies are also a classic element of the street look. They come in all shapes, colours, sizes and materials so you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes. They’re even making appearances on the runway and atop the heads of the worlds’ most rich and famous. Check out Z-Flex Skateboards – they have a great range of warm, affordable headwear that looks edgy whilst still keeping the heat in! Additionally, snapbacks are quite favoured with the street-elite, and are great for blocking the sun out and keeping your skin burn free! You can get snapbacks with a wide variety of cool branding and logos, or just go for a plain colour that won’t class with the rest of your street-ready outfit!


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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of D&Y Beanie

For reviews.

Sure, we’re getting 100-degree days now and some of us could use the rays to lighten a hair or two, but that doesn’t mean the nighttime doesn’t bring a climate a little too cold for comfort. Enter D&Y, who has redesigned the beanie and sell their innovations online. Let’s check out how their black hat fairs.

The first thing I noticed about the beanie was how stretchy the fabric was; this is both good in a way and bad in another. I definitely like how I can make the cap cover part or whole of my scalp depending on the circumstance. But the fabric actually bounces back when released and once it unhooked from my ear and almost came off.

An interesting divergence from the typical beanie comes as result of the emphasis on stretchiness is the lack of stitching at the top of the piece. I approve because the loops always look out of place on a beanie and often some of the sown fabric is tucked in, which I find annoying to feel against me noggin. Not having stitching also allows for it be reversible, which is badass.

Overall, this is pretty good stuff. I see myself using this on the occasional chilly night in mid-August.

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Lesson #94: Men’s winter hats and you

You lose a ridiculous amount of body heat from exposing your head to the cold. But how do you rock a winter hat without looking ridiculous?
San York Chullo Winter Hat – Alpaca
INFEASIBLE: Dorky chullos with strings
I don’t know how many spliffs you’d need to light to think wearing something stoner-tastic like this would be fashionable, but it’d have to be a lot. Nasty jokes aside, I suppose snowboarder punks have something of a style. A stupid-ass style, that is. Gents, chullos are never in style and probably never will be.

The North Face Flash Beanie

Feasible:Simple dark beanies

Hey, who said winter hats need be stylized? You only wear them when you’re trucking around in the snow anyways. This North Face is simple, durable, comes off your head easy, and doesn’t make you look silly. Easy.

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