Picking the Right Bathing Suit For You

This summer, few decisions are more important for your beach appearance than the choice of your bathing suit. You deserve a bathing suit that makes you feel comfortable, happy,and secure, so that you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about your looks. Start your shopping early, so that you can give yourself time to try on different options and pick the best one for you, and keep these tips in mind.


First, consider your appearance, and decide which aspects of your shape you’d like to highlight and which ones you’d like to minimize. For example, if you’re unhappy with your the look of your midriff, you may not want to wear a bikini. Instead, you could choose to wear a bathing suit with a wrap-around style, giving you the illusion of a smaller waist. Don’t be afraid to show off your favorite body parts, and don’t try to hide every imperfection. After all, you’ll be surrounded by people in a similar state of undress, and you probably look better than you think.

Next, think about the purpose of your bathing suit and how you will be using it. If you are a regular swimmer or exercise in the pool, you should choose a bathing suit designed to last a long time, probably in an athletic cut. On the other hand, if you’re only planning to wear the bathing suit for lounging around on vacation, go ahead and try something impractical. Similarly, if you’re going to wear your bathing suit a lot, it may make more sense to choose a solid color, which looks classic, rather than an unusual style, which may not be in fashion by the end of the season.

Finally, ask yourself what your usual style is, and find a bathing suit that fits that. If you’re usually a fashionable, trendy dresser, you probably would enjoy an up-to-date look like the new bathing suits sold by Peak Fashion Boutique. These kinds of looks work especially well for people who keep up with fashion trends. Some people prefer more conservative, plain clothing. They should stick with monochrome bathing suits and traditional cuts.

Don’t be afraid to try something new this summer, but put your comfort first. Your bathing suit should enhance your appearance and make you feel great. Fortunately, talented fashion designers have given us so many options to choose from!

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Classic Summer Trends Making a Comeback

Keeping it simple has always been a good fashion mantra, along with ‘quality never goes out of style’. Bearing these in mind, we think its advice that many should take on board when buying for the summer, especially if you want those summer fashion purchases to see you through to next year too. So what classic summer trends should you be considering this season? And what’s the best way to save money on these purchases?

linen summer fashion men

Well, when it comes to money, the first thing you should consider is using the online voucher codes to save. Shopping in person is all very well if you want something there and then, but it also means you miss out on exclusive online discounts, sometimes up to 20% off new season items. In terms of classic summer trends, you don’t get more classic than Gap voucher codes – they can save you money on all those clean lines, preppy cuts and attractive colour palettes that will suit most wardrobes, and even if your personal style is slightly more eclectic then you can still benefit from those great quality denim and cotton pieces that you can dress up or down as you wish. But what about these classic summer trends then? Well, bearing Gap in mind, we’ve chosen to highlight a few key styles, taking inspiration from their own range…


Get the classic stars and stripes influence without going overboard – think casual but stylish baggy tees and vests, subtle designs, and all paired with the classic denim.

linen summer fashion women


Linen in is this year, and we’re not just talking shirts and pants. Hop on board the linen train with maxi dresses, blazers and the softest of soft shorts too – all perfect for a comfortable, stylish summer.


It’s seems like an obvious choice for warmer weather, but how many of us are actually brave enough to buy white items that we can wear every day? Not too many at a guess. Maybe this is the year to go with the flow and feel light and airy with a loose-fitting white garment.

There’s nothing boring about sticking to classic designs – when everyone else is throwing out their own wardrobe items because there’s not in keeping with current trends, you’ll have plenty of great quality pieces to fall back on, season after season. Whatever your budget, there’s bound to be great quality, great value items available, especially if you search for online savings before you buy your classic summer garments.

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Sarongs: A Sophicated Way for a Lady to Dress for Summertime

Ladies who want to go to the beach fashionably, enjoy the summer lifestyle and dress elegantly need to remember that sarongs are the best all-purpose accessory for the season. Sarongs are like skirts that work with swimwear which women can enjoy during these hot months. Each style idea below takes the lady from a place she can wear her bikini comfortably to a place where she would not normally wear a bikini, but she makes this transition with sophistication.

At The Beach

Ladies who want to sun at the beach must have a stylish way to leave the beach. A confident woman can pretty much pull off any style of bikini, but the sarong and a pair of heels adds some flair to the outfit that will allow the lady to shop for the rest of the day. She can walk right down the main boulevard dressed to the nines in something most people only associate with the beach.

At A Meal

Ladies often sun at the pool and head off to lunch or dinner with friends. Wearing a sarong allows the lady to sport her gorgeous bikini along with a faux skirt. This combination is very attractive, but it is also very elegant. It is as if the lady walked off the runway of a fashion show and decided to have a bite to eat.

At Work

Ladies who have jobs at the beach are often in need of something to cover up when they are working. A bartender, waitress, photographer or lifeguard needs something that she can wear with her swimwear that helps her feel covered up. A sarong is not a full skirt, but a sarong is something that helps a lady feel like she is not exposed all during the day. This is especially helpful when she is working near the sand.

The sarong is a unique piece of clothing that is almost exclusively associated with bikinis, and it can serve ladies who work or play near the water. A woman can transform her swimwear into something that is elegant and sophisticated with just one wrap around her waist!

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Men’s Fashion Trend: Reversible shorts are twice as nice!

While I was vacationing on Cape Cod, I thought that I would do an article on one of the most prominent clothing companies in all of Cape Cod: The Puritan Clothing Company. It was first started by a man named Abe Penn in 1919 in the town of Plymouth Massachusetts. It then expanded to Chatham in 1925 and has since opened stores all over Cape Cod.

As you would expect, this well known company carries upscale clothing and accessories for men and women that range from outdoor wear like “North Face” to creations from designers like Eileen Fisher. Being summertime, I thought that I would look into doing a piece on men’s shorts.

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Men’s Fashion Trend: A Year of Diversity in Men’s Swimwear

As I was browsing the men’s designer swimwear for 2012, I noticed that this year in particular it seems to come in all shapes, patterns, and colors. The board short is closer to the knees in length, with an elastic waist and a cross-over tie waistband. The vintage style men’s swimwear is closer to the boxer length, sporting an elastic drawstring waist with side seam pockets. The boy short style of swimwear has the waistband in the same range as the other styles do, but the leg length is cropped closer to the upper thighs and with a more fitted look, I think that this style is a little more wearable that the bikini style of men’s swimwear. The bikini style of swim suit is cut much skimpier than all the rest and doesn’t leave much to the imagination. If you are not comfortable with the “Here I am!” look, then this last style is definitely not for you.

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