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Men’s Fashion Spotlight – The Ray-Ban “Wayfarer”

When it comes to selecting a great pair of sunglasses, the Ray-Ban brand has always come up in conversation. People have realized that sunglasses are not only for “summertime” because eye protection is needed year-round. Now, consumers are also looking for style, as well as function when it comes to eyewear. The “New Wayfarer Polarized Men’s Glasses” by Ray-Ban provide the fashion that people are looking for and the UV protection that they need.

Ray Ban Wayfarer New RB2132 945 57 thumbnail honey mens fashion


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Men’s Fashion News: The Aviator sunglasses trend

Originally developed in the 1930’s by the Bausch & Lomb Company, the larger framed sunglasses are characterized by darker or reflective lenses, which cover more of the eye area than a lot of sunglasses. The Ray Ban Aviators have been seen in movies from years past, as well as in present day celebrity fashion. It has really grown in popularity since the 1960’s and seems to never wane in the world of fashion.

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