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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Ashton Kutcher

Ashton, Ashton: again with the wasted potential. Mr. Kutcher mustn’t take environmental debates too seriously, because he threw a mess on himself for one. Dude, comb your hair – better yet, get it cut – and start wearing t-shirts that aren’t faded rags. Also, I know the West coast’s experiencing some cool temperatures these days, but a cardigan in July? Please come to your senses.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

This Week’s Fuck-Up: Ashton Kutcher

This guy just can’t help himself, can he? Ashton: Do not wear a tshirt, ESPECIALLY ONE WITH GRAPHICS OR WORDS, under a blazer, sports coat, jacket, etc. Also, invest in a belt that doesn’t look like someone glued a piece of metal from a junk yard to it. And could your chain be any longer.

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