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47. Wallets again

INFEASIBLE: Wallets with money clips attached
 mens fashion
(From Round Table Gifts

The merging of money clip and the wallet is a god awful idea, at least from an aesthetic perspective.

Feasible: Smart money clips
31Ko92X4JGL. AA216  mens fashion
(Brought to you by Amazon  mens fashion )

If you’re really gunho about the whole best of both worlds business, then go with a smart money clip. Not only can you use it to fasten your money, but you can also store your driver’s license and credit cards on the back of it. Nifty.

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27. Observations about bracelets

INFEASIBLE: Hemp bracelets

410jXRg9mrL. AA280  mens fashion
(Found on Amazon.com)

No. Just no. They get dirty easily, look raggy right out of the friggin’ box (or basket or the side of a FREAK OUT bus), and are forever associated with spirit animals, Coca-cola bong rips and hippie-optimism.

Feasible: Rubber and metal bracelets
418FT0VIsTL. AA280  mens fashion
(Brought you by Amazon.com mens fashion )

I wear something similar to this almost everyday. Not too flashy or anything, but does draw attention and a coooool vibe, ESPECIALLY if you wear it with a matching ring.

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