Men’s Fashion Spotlight – Harrods Men’s Trainer High Tops

Harrods is a luxury brand department store in the Royal Borough of Kensington, Chelsea, and London. It was founded by Charles Henry Harrod in 1834. With the wonders of the web, at, you can now browse through accessories for men, women, and children, as well as beauty products, housewares, and gifts, even if you are nowhere near the U.K.

lanvin python high top trainers harrods

Today, we will be taking a look at the men’s trainer high tops at Harrods. The high to sneaker has grown from being an athletic shoe to being a casual fashion statement. High top sneakers have even made their way to the red carpet, as a diversion from the typical oxford or lace-up.

At Harrods, you can find luxury shoe designers such as Alexander McQueen, Giuseppe Zanotti, Saint Laurent, and Lanvin. Leaning toward the high end of the price range is the Python High Top Trainers by Lanvin. The reptilian style shoe has a calf skin lining, white rubber sole, and a matte 100% python skin upper that is made in Italy and priced at 1,050.00 Euros.

harrods paisley high tops

Next, is the Paisley High Top Trainers by Giuseppe Zanotti that are done in a red paisley printed leather that has a side zipper and is trimmed in black leather. These are a little more affordable at 435.00 Euros and if the red and black combo is a little loud for you, they also come in a tone-on-tone black style.

harrods textured high tops

In keeping with the trend of texture that has translated into shoes, as well as into clothing this year, you will find the Dexter High Top Trainer from Kurt Geiger in London. The black leather upper has been molded to form all over peaks that give these shoes an edgy, “rock and roll” type look. At 140.00 Euros, you would be right on trend, but still have the comfort of its luxury style.

van's harrods high tops

Last, but not least, is a high top brand that is very well known in the US: Vans. With the price tag of 52.95 Euros, however, you are trading in the leather upper for canvas, but in the red and the black this high top shoe is still a really versatile shoe.

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Women’s Fashion Trends – Don’t Forget About Flats!

I love when the air is crisp and the leaves start to change colors. It’s time for scarves, jackets, cozy sweaters and best of all… boots!


However, sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t get the memo and every now and then fall feels a little more like spring, offering even the most seasoned of stylists a wardrobe conundrum.

So most of us end up dressing for spring, or fall … or some strange hybrid, which usually involves open toe shoes and a leather jacket or boots and a sleeveless top. However, as long as you have the right footwear you can rule the world! Or at least rock this kinda-sorta autumn in-between weather. Might I recommend…the flat.

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Men’s Fashion Trends – Trouser Trends For Fall 2012

As I was browsing through the photos for men’s fashion trends for 2012, I noticed a recurrent theme of shrinking pant lengths. Everywhere I looked, I saw men in trousers that didn’t reach the top of their shoes. I guess 2012 is the year of the “high-waters”.

First off is a look by Vivienne Westwood. Her woven grey/blue trousers have a high waist, side seam pockets, a straight leg, and a hemline well above the anklebone. This vintage looking pant is offset with a color-blocked beige and chocolate turtleneck, a distressed brown leather jacket, and brown leather oxfords. She does remember to follow the old rule that your socks should match your pants, which is much more important since they are so much more visible at this length.

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