Men’s Fashion Advice – What Exactly is “Festive Attire”?


‘Tis the Holiday season rolls around, the question that has always plagued people who receive the Holiday party invitations is, “What exactly is festive attire?” Some invites may hint at a casual or formal type of affair, but others are wide open for interpretation.

My first point for any occasion is to wear whatever makes you feel good. If you are going to be uncomfortable in the style of clothing that you choose or have to try to suck in your gut the entire time, then either way, you won’t be enjoying the party. Everybody basically knows what they like, so all you have to do I to transform it into “festive party wear”.

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Lesson #100: Neckwear for the rockstars

Eh, your neck’s pretty boring in general. Come to think of it, it’s a downright waste of sartorial space to leave it and your upper chest unadorned in certain circumstances, e.g. at boppin’ club scene. Of course, not any old piece of string will suffice.
Aldo ELWYN necklace
INFEASIBLE: Chains with crappy electronics on them
I don’t know why anyone would ever buy something like this. It screams “tourist trap doo-dad” what with the cheap plastic mold and ugly display. Besides, who needs to another time-keeping device, especially around your neck? Who are you, Flava Flav?

“i see you seeing me” chain from Freebird

Feasible: DIY-esque chains from boutiques

Some of the best jewelry out there is made by individual designers, not international behemoths. Claudia, a friend of a friend, has this little shop on Etsy where she sells all kinds of kitschy yet inspiring unisex necklaces for very reasonable prices. Lesson learned: don’t always go corporate for your gear.

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