Your Shirt Can Make You the King of the Party, or the Court Jester

The purpose of fashion is to make you feel and look good. When you are dressing in a shirt that is your style, you seem to stand taller and be more confident about yourself. If you are wearing something that is not comfortable or you don’t like, then you tend to be a little self-conscious. When you are attending that special event, you want to be able to concentrate on having fun, instead of what people might be thinking about you.

In order to make the perfect dress shirt choice, you need to start with the fit. A shirt that is a little more tailored to fit your body is what is hot right now, but you want it to have a little wiggle room and not look like you are wearing a size too small. The next quality of a great shirt is the interest that it generates. Some men’s dress shirts are just boring, so why not choose something that has some unusual details to make it something special. For example, this black button-down has a nice slim fit with a white contrasting trim around the inside of the pointed collar and also down the covered button placket. It gives this shirt a sleek and modern look.


If you like the lighter colors, then go for the white dress shirt with the grey accents.If you like a more asymmetrical look, then this black button-down with the geometric-looking right shoulder appliqué and arm bands of a contrasting grey fabric may be the style that you are looking for.

tropical drink party shirt

Shirts can also be fun at the right events and plenty of stores have amazing mens fashion shirts to wear to holiday party. Take this black camp shirt with tropical drinks scattered across the fabric. It probably would get some strange looks as wedding wear, but at a friend’s summer soiree might be a conversation piece and attract some new friends.


However, there are some shirts that should never be worn out of the house like this exploded self portrait t-shirt. If this guy’s overall look is not unusual enough, then he will be grabbing attention as the court jester, instead of king of the party for sure.

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Feeling Good About Your Look!

Some people may think that clothes are just something to cover up your body, but actually, what you wear can affect how you feel. If you run out of the house wearing a worn t-shirt from the 70’s and baggy, stained sweat pants, then you may look the other way to avoid that person you know. However, if you are wearing an outfit that looks good on you and makes you feel put together, then you will be more confident and most likely welcome running into that someone.


Just as in when you are running out the door to do a few errands, it pays to take the time to choose the right outfit for an upcoming event. There is nothing worse than either being so uncomfortable that you can’t enjoy yourself or being over/under dressed. So, let’s learn how to get you to that happy middle! And after you finish this article, click here for additional info about how to make yourself feel good by looking good.

Summer is a time that people gather for all sorts of reasons. The good weather brings all sorts of invitations. When it says “backyard barbecue”, what do you wear that will take you from day to night? Since the afternoon will usually be hot, a tank top or light weight t-shirt will do the trick with a pair of cargo or chino shorts, and either flip flops or a slip-on canvas shoe. With this outfit, you will look good and be comfortable too. Don’t forget to bring a button-down casual shirt for when it cools off or the bugs come out.


Another gathering event that you need the right outfit for is the summer wedding. This is a little tricky in choosing the right clothes because you want to be appropriately dressed, but not melting in the heat or freezing the AC. If you need to wear a suit, choose a nicely tailored one that is made from a lightweight fabric like cotton or linen. Also, you can keep the look a little more summery with lighter colors and skipping the tie, opting for an open neckline.

Lastly, one event that you’ll want to look and feel fantastic for is that important date. The date itself can be nerve wracking enough without the fear of not having the right look. To make things easier, start with where you are going and decide whether it will be dressy or more casual. Then, choose clothes that you feel good in, are classic or a little more trendy, and make it look effortless. You want to feel great, look “put together”, but not like you are trying too hard.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – The Importance of Accessories

Have you ever noticed why everyone is always decked out in all manner of fashion accessories? Watches, hats, scarves, ties, cufflinks and more, accessories have always been in style and transcend both time and cultures with fashion accessories taking up shelves in museums and modern stores alike. For example, ancient Egyptian fashion heavily featured accessories which were a status symbol and allowed people to express their place in society (much like today).

So what is it about fashion accessories that keep them on the ears, heads and arms of men everywhere?

Accessories help create a unique style

Fashion is about expressing yourself and being an individual, whilst at the same time being mindful of the latest trends. By using accessories, men can have an overall look that is part of a current trend, but at the same time they can look and feel like they are showing off some of their own style. With so many accessory options available, there are an unlimited amount of combinations that are out there for even the simplest of outfits being transformed into attractive and unique pieces. To get a sense of the gamut, check out Fat Buddha and take in how many different shops they commit to accessories alone!

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Men’s & Women’s Fashion Advice – 5 Fashion & Beauty Essentials Everyone Should Have

The media is constantly bombarding men and women with very different messages as to their fashion and beauty needs, but the truth is, men and women aren’t really all that different. In fact, the top five fashion and beauty essentials every man should have are surprisingly similar to the top five fashion and beauty essentials every woman should have! A few wardrobe essentials, a great watch, some anti aging moisturizer and a scent you love are really all a man or a woman needs to step out in style.


White shirt

A simple, crisp white shirt will never go out of style and goes with virtually everything. Men can pair theirs with jeans or dress pants, while women can wear theirs tucked into high waisted skirts, over skinny jeans or even with denim shorts. Dressed up or down, a white shirt or blouse will never fail you and can last for years if well taken care of.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – How To Tuck A Men’s Shirt

Handsome Man Tucking in Shirt

Tucking in a shirt may seem like it should be a simple prospect, but if you are struggling to do it right, then you are just one of many men who have discovered it is not the most intuitive process in the world.  You might have problems like the sides of your shirt coming out when you tuck, or crumpling in your pants.  Maybe you aren’t sure how much the shirt should “billow” above your waist, if at all.  What is the correct way to tuck in a shirt, and how can you make it as easy as possible?

Here is the short and simple answer.  Styles change with the times.  The billowing look was popular in the 80s, but currently the “default” professional way to tuck a men’s shirt is to leave no billowing at all, but tuck it in fully.  If the sides come out or the shirt crumples in your pants, it is probably because your shirt does not fit right.  A well tucked shirt starts with a tailored shirt that fits.  Slim fits can facilitate matters if you have too much “blousing” above the belt.  You will probably discover that once you buy a shirt which actually fits you, tucking it in properly and evenly is an effortless job.

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