Sweater Vests vs Waistcoats

For menswear.

INFEASIBLE: Colorful sweater vestscolorful-sweater-vest

I don’t know how anyone could have ever thought colorful sweater vests were a good idea, because they clearly aren’t anything close to sophisticated menswear. Not only are they quite possibly one of the dullest additions you can make to a wardrobe, they all tell a similar story: of how you realized it was a bit nippy outside the second you opened the door, decided you needed extra protection against the elements, quickly looked around at the crap lying on your floor, grabbed the first thing you saw that looked half-comfortable (failing to notice the godawful color), threw it on and rushed to go play Trivia at your local Applebee’s establishment. Please don’t ever wear these.

Feasible (with a qualification): Vests Proper vests-proper

I personally love vests of all colors (within reason) and materials, but there’s a time and a place for them, and that time is seldom and that place is at cocktail parties. In addition, in most cases, a person can’t rock simply the vest, unless you’re planning to rock a fabulous yet complex outfit like the gentleman above. So then, in recommending a vest over a sweater vest, I qualify by saying this: a vest is always better than a sweater vest, but usually a vest is best situated as a middle layer than as the outer layer. I’ll say more about this someday soon.

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