Men’s Fashion Advice: Style tips for big or tall men

If you struggle to find trousers that fit or shirts that don’t strain at the seams then you’re not alone. Find Big Mens clothing at High&Mighty.

  • At High & Mighty we understand that finding clothes to fit a larger figure can be a difficult task so we’ve put together our top ten fashion tips for big or tall men.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune finding clothes that fit – a quick search on the internet can often bag you a bargain. Have a look at our website for a range of clothes and accessories that suit larger or taller men.
  • Make sure your clothes fit properly. Many men fall into the trap of either buying clothes that are too big (which only makes them look bigger) or too small (which draws attention to your wobbly bits). Instead look for clothes that skim your contours rather than disguise or enhance them.
  • Avoid buttoning up your jacket as this will just create an illusion of bulk. Instead wear it loose and open and, if you can get away with it, keep your shirt open at the top button.
  • Avoid bulky knitwear, cable knits and polo necks in winter. A slimming cotton jumper over a shirt is a much better look.
  • Keep jeans relaxed but not too baggy. If you are worried about the size of your bum then wear a long shirt and don’t tuck it in.
  • Go for dark colours like black, navy blue or brown to create a slimming effect but don’t be afraid of a splash of colour in your tie or scarf. You don’t have to be boring!
  • Big patterns and accessories are often more slimming than small. Look out for wide ties, chunky belts and bigger watches.
  • Draw people’s eye away from problem areas to the bits of your body you want people to focus on. If you have a big tummy but impressive shoulders, try wearing a scarf to draw people’s eyes further up or a t shirt with a motif further up the chest.
  • If you are tall avoid wearing the same colour from head to toe – break up the look with different textures and colours.
  • Most of all be proud of your size and stand tall! Looking good is all about confidence!

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