Men’s Fashion Review: Jack Georges Slim Flapover

I needed a new soft briefcase a week ago and I needed it stat. Luggage and the like takes some deliberation over what size, color, and material (though I don’t know how anyone could settle for anything less than leather), so I did my due diligence albeit in quickly. Since I was primarily interested in something compact (I already have a vintage American Tourist suitcase for heavy loads) I eventually decided on a piece from Jack Georges, a well-known bag manufacturer. I’m very impressed by the item for the following reasons.

IMG 0436 300x225 review luggage

The piece is clearly constructed by precise hands, with the leather being in excellent shape. The stitching is without divergence and the flap goes up and down just as one would want it to. The handle is sturdy at the grip but also easily adjusted at the ends. The buckle for the flap clicks open without a hitch while also serving as a sturdy lock. The pocket making up the back could fit a number of papers pretty cozily.

IMG 0439 300x225 review luggage

There are a few compartments inside ranging in size; I keep a small digital camera the biggest one, pens and the like in another and a phone charger in one too. The bag conforms nicely when several items, e.g. a notebook and folders in my case, are inside the pouch. There is also a long zipper pocket that is very useful for carrying business cards, a bottle of cream, lip balm, etc.

IMG 04371 300x225 review luggage
The only (tiny) gripe I have with this briefcase is that the inside would serve be a little roomier. But, hey, I guess they call it slim for a reason.

Overall, a great buy and would recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, this specific model has been discontinued, so your only bet is finding it online. Good luck! It’ll be worth the hustling.

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  1. I love the briefcase.. its so classic and elegant!

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