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5 Tips For Finding Best Of Big & Tall Men Clothing

Finding big and tall clothing for men used to be a hassle. That’s until the internet came along and made things far easier. These days, you have lots of options to find the clothing that you like that will fit right. Along the way, however, everyone can benefit from having a few handy tips to use. The following five pro tips can help assure that you get the right threads every time you shop.

big and tall suit

Get Professionally Sized

Before you start shopping online for big and tall clothing for men, it’s advised that you get professionally sized first. Make sure that you are aware of the difference in sizing charts between countries, too. For example, the U.S., Canada and Europe often use separate sizing charts. So once you have been professionally sized, make sure you write down what your sizes are to know for sure.

Shop At Stores With Lenient Returns Policies

Realize that clothing is the most commonly returned item that’s ordered online. Therefore, make sure you are shopping at stores that offer at least a 14-day return policy. Since you never really know how that shirt will fit or those pants will hang, it’s always good to know that you do have the option to return or exchange them if the fit isn’t right

Consider Subscription Boxes

You can also go the route of the personal shopper thanks to various online services these days. You submit your professional sizing charts and they start selecting outfits for you. Each month, a subscription box arrives that you can try before you buy. Services like this have really taken off in recent years, and they are a good way for you to get your own personal shopper without having to worry about spending time finding outfits.

Webrooming And Showrooming

According to Shopify, a large percentage of consumers are now using a tactic to get the best deals online and locally. It’s called webrooming (where you shop online and compare prices while at a local store), and showrooming (where you shop locally and then see if you can get a price match by finding a lower price at an online store). With clothing, you’d be surprised at what you can find. Try to webroom and showroom to gain the upper hand; your budget will thank you.

Find Brand Names You Love

The last tip is simple: find the brands that you love. Once you have purchased enough big and tall clothing, you will be able to recognize what brands you like more than others. Once you have made it this far, it will be easier to find the shirts, pants, shoes and accessories that fit you best. Above and beyond all, have a good time with your shopping and dress to impress.

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CONTEST: Win a $225 Pair Of Men’s Leather Winter Gloves!

Time for another contest! This time around, the prize is an exquisite $225 pair of men’s leather gloves from FitzGerald Morrell! The pair for the prize are the Broughton winter gloves, which are “crafted with durable and stylish Pittards leather” and ensure a close yet comfortable fit to your wrist regardless of the temperature outside.

broughton - mens gloves - fitzgerald morrell

Best part? The winner gets to choose the gloves’ color from over 20 different shades! Awesome!!

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Spotlight on FitzGerald Morrell Tailored Leather Gloves

When it comes to thinking about must-have cold weather accessories for men and women, leather gloves and on the top of the list. They not only are needed to keep your hands protected from the elements, but leather gloves are also can be a stylish fashion accessory. The tricky part about leather gloves is finding ones that are made with supple, quality leather and have a fit that is not too snug or loose, while also providing a process for sizing and orders. I think everyone has been in the position of trying on an endless number of gloves until you can find a pair that has the fit and style that you are looking for.

broughton mens gloves-min

At their online glove shop, Fitzgerald Morrell have taken the guess-work out of finding a great fitting glove by following their company mission of: To custom-craft bespoke men’s and woman’s leather gloves that fit and last. The founder of the company, Pat Morrell, believes that men’s and woman’s gloves should be finely tailored from quality leather and have the durability to last through the years.

bennet ladies winter gloves-min

One popular men’s winter glove from FitzGerald Morrell is called the Broughton is a classic style of glove with the sleek-looking leather hand that has the triple pleats for interest. The soft fabric interior of the gloves will keep your hand toasty warm and the interior elastic cuff will ensure a better fit for keeping out the cold. The Broughton glove cuff is trimmed in a lighter brown tone to add a little fashion flair. This men’s glove has a woman’s counterpart called the Bennett, which also has similar detailing and also offers the contrasting trim as an option. Both the men’s and woman’s gloves in this style run $225.

adelaide two tone gloves-min

FitzGerald Morrell delves a little further into the fashion accessory leather gloves with these next 2 items. One is the Adelaide woman’s leather glove that has the notched, roll-back cuff that seems to channel the vintage look of movie stars past with its sophistication and elegance. For $250, you can use a pop of color in the cuff of a neutral leather to elevate your look or stick to the more muted tones.

goodspeed men's driving gloves-min

The second fashion accessory glove that is very popular with men of all ages is the Goodspeed men’s driving glove. The cut out knuckle areas, exposed wrist, trim, and over-sized snap make it a sporty, fun driving accessory for any man. This style is also a little more at $250, but definitely worth the investment.

Be sure to take the photo tour of “Inside the Workshop” at FitzGerald Morrell for an even closer look at this great accessories! Also, check out our FitzGerald Morrell contest!!

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Smart/ Casual Style for the Autumn Season

The smart/casual look is tricky to master, but essential for every fashionable man. We have come up with the best ways to nail an outfit that is the perfect combination of smart and casual, and have picked our favourite pieces this season to create the perfect look.


Layers are a great way to create an on trend smart/casual look, layering a classic smart shirt with a jumper adds casual style and is also perfect to keep you warm during the autumn season. One of our favourite knitwear pieces this season is the Kirtley Cable Knit from vintage inspired brand Farah. This chunky winter knit is created from a mix of Alpaca and Merino wool giving it a luxurious feel, and is embroidered with the brands subtle logo.


Pair this with a classic shirt from Levis for a great smart casual look, the stylish Levis Classic 1 Pocket Shirt in Indigo is the perfect combination of smart and casual with a full length sleeve and marled finish. Shirts are an essential smart/casual option they can be dressed up or dressed down. This season we are also loving the Barbour Malcolm Shirt in Tartan, checked shirts are in this season and this statement shirt is clean cut with classic styling perfect for a smart casual look when paired with the right jacket, shoes and jeans.
1436369918-05906400 A smart casual outfit would not be complete without the right pair of jeans. Black jeans are a great option to pair with shirts and jumpers to for a well dressed style. This season Cheap Monday have a great selection of jeans on offer including some fantastic black styles – we love their Tight Slim Fit Jeans in New Black perfect paired with a smart pair of shoes.


You cannot have a great autumn outfit without a jacket and layering is a great way to be on trend this season. The classic Ben Sherman Harrington Jacket is the epitome of smart/casual, with the brands signature checked lining and full collar it is perfect when paired a smart shirt or polo shirt.

A key piece of advice when creating a smart/casual look is to keep your colours neutral; grey, black, blue and navy are the perfect combinations to guarantee a stylish smart/casual look suitable for every occasion. Shop designer menswear online from Northern Threads to get your fantastic smart/casual look, shop now and get 10% off your first order of over £75.

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5 Top Brands for Men’s Watches

Finding the perfect watch is by no means rocket science, but there are a few factors to take into consideration before you take the plunge. After all, picking out a watch takes a little more thought that just choosing a pair of shoes or a necktie. Your watch makes a statement about yourself, and it’s the one item of apparel that you’re likely to wear day in and day out. Think about the message that your watch is going to send to others. Do you want to project confidence? Do you want to seem debonair? No matter what story you’re trying to tell, it all starts with the shopping phase.

Not sure where to begin? First things first. Find the watch brand that works best for your image. If you’re a more casual dresser, you’re going to want a more casual wristwatch. If you’re wearing a diamond Rolex with an old gym tee, it’s going to look odd. Finding the brand that works for you might be a bit of a trial and error process, but we can help set you in the right direction with a quick overview of the top ten brands for men’s watches.

Without further ado, check out these five top brands below!


  1. Omega

Kicking off our list at number one is the watchmaking juggernaut, Omega. Ever since they were chosen as the official watches of the British Royal Flying Corps in 1917, and by the US Army the following year, the brand has solidified its position on the world stage. In addition to being the official watch of the Olympics since 1932, and the favorite of everyone from James Bond to JFK, Omega deserves your attention.

There is a broad spectrum of Omega styles and price points, but word to the wise, you can find a killer deal on pre-owned Omega men’s watches from sites like TrueFacet.

  1. Baume & Mercier            

Founded in 1830, the Geneva-based watchmakers Baume et Mercier as the oldest on our list. In its current collection, Baume & Mercier feature vintage styles like the Hampton, inspired by the 1940’s Art Deco era. The luxury mid-range Baume & Mercier watches tend to fetch from $2,000 USD to $5,000 USD depending on the design.


  1. TAG Heuer

Another Swiss contender is the indomitable TAG Heuer. The manufacturer makes watches, as well as other branded fashion accessories like eyewear. Founded in 1860, TAG Heuer today is part of the luxury French conglomerate LVMH. The unusual name is an acronym for Techniques d’Avant Garde, a concept reiterated in their slogan, “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860”. The brand’s image is aligned with athletics and Hollywood, with a long line of spokesmen like Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Leonardo DiCaprio to reflect that.

  1. A. Lange & Söhne

Lange & Söhne is one of the more prominent German brands in the watchmaking industry and one of the top choices for high-end pieces. Founded outside of Dresden a few decades before Audemars in 1845, Customers are often fond of A. Lange & Söhne for the brand’s complicated watches with perpetual calendars, chronographs, and split-second chronographs.


  1. Audemars Piguet

Closing out our list at number five is Audemars Piguet. Founded in 1875, the Swiss watchmakers manufacture around 32,000 timepieces each year, ranging from haute jewelry to high complex mechanical watches. Still owned by its founding family, the brand’s slogan reflects its understanding of its craft, combined with its commitment to innovate further, “To break the rules, you must first master them.”


Whether you’re more inclined to go with an Omega watch, or if you think you’re more a TAG Heuer guy, a new watch can make you feel like a new man. So get out there and find your perfect watch today!

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Top Off Your Outfit with a Great Late Summer Hat

Now that Summer is here, it is time to protect yourself from the sun with a great hat. Men’s hats not only have a purpose, but also are a trendy fashion accessory. One style of hat that is “in” for both men and women this year is the fedora (unfortunately).

Unisex fedora straw panama hats men and women-min

We are used to seeing this thin-brimmed and molded crown type of hat in heavier fabrics like wool and leather, but for the warmer seasons the Fedora is lightened up by using woven straw and sometimes brighter ribbons to add interest to a casual summer outfit. Ones like these in brown, black, tan, and white are a popular, neutral accessory and these days can be worn by a man or a woman.

Another style of men’s hats that is back in fashion this year is the Bucket hat. It basically is made to look just like an over-turned bucket, but comes in many different colors and patterns. For example, Justin Beiber is photographed here with his bandana, shades, and Cochella black and white patterned bucket hat. The hat not only looks kinda cool, but also will give maximum sun protection to your ears, forehead, and hairline.


If you are a fan of the baseball-style hat, but are looking for something with a little more fashion, then you may be interested in the army-military type of cap. You get the same brim as the baseball cap, but the crown of the cap is squared off, in almost a pill-box shape. This one that is done in a grey fabric has the name-engraved side buttons for an accent, along with the round metal vents for keeping cool when it is hot.

Burberry Menswear hats-min

One style of men’s hats that I am not too fond of is this wide-brimmed floppy hat by Burberry. The dark one reminds me of a hillbilly and the light blue floppy hat is just a bizarre color and shape. I can also imagine that being Burberry, it is not a very inexpensive item either.

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