Musings on Men’s Fashion – Watches for Dad

Dads. Some of us are lucky to have one, some of us might have been better off without one around. Love ’em or hate ’em, there are all kinds of dads and a lot of them probably expect a decent gift this year for contributing to your creation. Here’s a quick guide to buying the quintessential nice Father’s Day gift, the watch, with some advice for selecting according to the type of father:

The Sporty Dad: The used Rolex Submariner, the most classic (and most popular) Rolex on the market, is always a crowd pleaser. This watch can be worn everyday and paired with any ensemble. Often said to be a “safe investment” the Submariner is known to hold its value more than any other Rolex model, which may have something to do with the fact that when properly cared for, the Submariner can last a lifetime.

The Need for Speed Dad: Made famous for race car drivers, the used Rolex Daytona is a watch that will make you stop in your tracks! With it’s oversized face, and chronograph technology, this is a piece for a major watch fan. Seen mostly on celebrities, the Daytona is the kind of watch that provides just the right amount of flash with the perfect balance of style. If the Dad in your life loves historically rich and well-crafted watches- then this would be the watch for him.

The Traveling Dad: Also known as the “pilot watch” the used Rolex GMT Master II is perfect from the dad who can never seem to get his time zone straight. The GMT Master II has evolved into a major hit for Rolex, now offered with different bezel inserts and various metals to surely make your Dad’s day!

The “Collector” Dad: The used Rolex Milguass has very special elements to it’s crafting that make it one of the most sought after luxury watches in the world. The famous lightning second hand harkens to the original purpose of the Milguass and its anti-magnetic qualities. If your dad loves the unusual and the rare then the Milguass is the Rolex for him!

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