Musings on Men’s Fashion – Sandals for the season

By Paul McGregor of Brighterman Mens Accessories

Sandals are key for tropical weather and it has done for centuries. With inspiration deriving from historical fashion such as roman gladiators, sandals have since a rise in popularity this SS11. Belgian designer Dries Van Noten said: “As far as I’m aware, sandals are not work attire for most businessmen. I do, however, notice that as casual wear becomes more and more prevalent on a day-to-day basis, younger men wearing sandals or flip-flops in the city is part and parcel of this new trend.”

What’s the best way to pull off sandals this season? Think tailored. Sandals look great with tailored looks, such as tailored chino shorts, linen blazers and smart slim fit shirts. Accessorise with man bags to really add that masculine touch to your looks. Now what style should you go for? A lot of designers have took inspiration from all kinds of sources, creating a large variety in styles. My view is this: The simpler the sandal, the better. Here are a couple of product picks of some of my favourite men’s sandals this season:

Hudson Brown Leather Pontius Sandals

Lanvin Suede Strap Sandals

But then there’s that dreaded combination I still seem to see a lot of: sandals and men’s socks. It really is a no-no, so why do
people still keep insisting it works? I’m a huge fan of paying attention to details and the showing off your socks on occasion but sandals and socks just clash like whoa.

So remember, go for a simplistic high quality sandal. It adds that casual feel to a smart tailored summer look. Enjoy!

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