Musings on Men’s Fashion: Review of Vintage Colibri Lighter

One of my favorite classes of accessories in the world is the lighter. Useful, comes in various forms, and ever in demand at parties, he who holds a lighter holds the power of PROMETHEUS. Seriously though, having a lighter on your person is always a good idea – but that doesn’t mean you should settle for some $2 jobbie. Recently, a colleague of mine gifted me with a vintage Colibri lighter and I immediately wanted to engage in acts of combustion.

Unfortunately, I had to exercise some patience since I couldn’t find butane at any of my local marts; Zippo fluid just isn’t enriched enough. But once I found a bottle and got the lighter filled, which was easy enough thanks to its intuitive design, I was very pleased. This Colibri, despite being decades old, literally fires up without a hitch. I take this durability to speak to the quality of the brand as a whole; nice job, guys. In terms of what it takes to get her going, the ignition procedure is only a matter of sparking the flint with the wheel – no button need be pushed! – and the flame’s height can be adjusted quickly with a value on the bottom (see pic below). And as you can very well tell, the material is sleek, metallic, and thoroughly resistant to scratching.

One last thing: this Colibri is smaller than a Bic and only weighs slightly more. There’s no excuse not to carry it on me at all times. So, where’s yours?

BTW: Thanks, Tom!

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  1. You're very welcome – glad to know it sparked to life for you and still carries itself with CLASS! Wear it well.