Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of the Radius Source Toothbrush

Believe it or not, dental hygiene is an intrinsic part of the fashionable man’s routine. Bad breath and discolored teeth are unbecoming of anyone with sartorial pursuits, not to mention cavity marks and overly-chipped chompers. The people over at Radius sent me a sample of their new toothbrush, the Radius Source Toothbrush – let’s see if it holds up to our high standards!

First of all, this sucker is long for a toothbrush, which I find advantageous. I tend to have trouble reaching the farthest back of my teeth (‘CAUSE I GOT BIG MOUTH OBVIOUSLY) and was pleasantly surprised by how easy I got at my molars with the Radius. Secondly, although I can’t say I ever thought about where my dental products come from, it is respectable and “green” of Radius to make the handles of their toothbrushes exclusively from recycled material – mine was out of old dollar bills. The handles felt and responded to pressure no differently than the usual, plastic kinds. What a responsibly-minded and effective idea.

What I liked best about the Radius was its bristles. From just a few days of brushing, I could already tell how sturdy and resilient they were – and I’m one to give his teeth a thorough scrubbing more than once a day. An extra head also came in the packaging, so I’ll be using this toothbrush for some time. What else can I say except that I’m very impressed by the Radius Source Toothbrush and recommend it to all of you seeking quality dental upkeep!

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