Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Strange Invisible’s Peloponnesian

Some men refuse to use cologne – I for one embrace it. The practice strikes me as a no-brainer: could I smell like something exotic and sophisticated, or fall back on my normal extra-sweaty musk? Derrp. Now of course some colognes suit some men better than others and, in general, I find that floral-based parfum usually makes my nose cringe. So when I received a sample of Peloponnesian by Strange Invisible, I was curious to try it out, but hesitant to believe it would work for me.
Strange Invisible’s website describes the cologne as “comprised of organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences set in a base of 100% organic, beverage-grade grape alcohol.” I guess its organic nature and the full disclosure of how its made might be a selling point for some, but I frankly don’t care too much about the chemistry or the accompanying copy. Instead, I’m looking to talk about its notes.

The base notes are orange and lime, which do no jive with my sense of smell at all. The orange’s just too pungent and the bitter quality of the lime further stirs my nostrils. After an hour or so, the middle notes kick in, featuring mountain sage honey. This I liked, but unfortunately the sweet scent faded quickly. I didn’t really pick up any signs of the purported end note, “sea water breeze.” Shrugs.

I guess I can’t recommend Peloponnesian in good faith. I do, however, recommend you try it out for yourself at Sephora or your local perfume store.

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