Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Prive’s Grooming Creme

Hair treatment can be a vicious battle. Hair often stands up in fortified clumps, refuses to surrender to the hot winds of a hair dyer, but still get all kinds of fubar’d with a few drops of rain. Fortunately, hair sculpting technology (SCIENCE!) has come a long way and now we have a chance against the elements. Prive is one such company at the forefront of the war. And now, without further metaphors about war, here’s a review of their grooming creme.

The first thing I noticed about the grooming creme was how good it smelled. That’s always a plus: I remember some older products smelling a little like petroleum and, christ, who wants to put something like fuel in their hair? The cream itself was cool, not cold, to the touch and just the right level of viscosity without feeling crunchy.
In the hair itself, the cream totally kept the intended form all day regardless of wind and some rainfall. I hardly noticed it was even there, frankly, and am very impressed by that fact. I even gave some my roommate, who is lucky to have more hair than I, and he agreed with my high praise. I recommend Prive’s grooming creme for any man looking to take his future hair sculptures seriously.

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