Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of NXE’s ActiveSleeve

Hitting the gym requires some badass tunes. Of course, in the world today, no one uses anything ancient like a mini-disk player while on the treadmill – it’s all about smart phones. That said, I always have trouble when I exercise with my Droid, usually because I don’t know where to put it without the risk of unplugging my earphones. I could instead go with something real small and clips on to my shorts easily, e.g. iPod nano, but those devices are always low functional and limited in their data capacities.

So what’s a man who’s looking for tone and tonality to do? Well, NXE’s solution is the ActiveSleeve, which is basically a strap on your arm that holds your phone. I’ve seen similar products around, but the ActiveSleeve (purportedly) provides much better protection for your device against sweat and stress. The box also promises a simplistic aesthetic to it. Well, let’s see how it fairs.

The bands definitely do provide safety with cushioning and secured velcro’d compartments. But while the mesh fabric successfully allows for ventilation, I found some cloudy moisture around the edges of my phone after my workout. Not terribly problematic, but still strange. More problematic, however, was the restriction the sleeve placed on the Droid’s controls. Because of the design of the padding, I had to remove the device each time I wanted to switch the beat up. Of course, I could always just preload my playlist… but it’s still a limitation.

As armbands go, the ActiveSleeve’s pretty stylish and easy to match – both the black and white versions – with your work out clothes. They also don’t bunch really and so don’t become uncomfortable or look misshapen. (By the way, if you’re this concerned about your appearance at the fitness center, more power to you, brother.)

I recommend the ActiveSleeve for gym rats who want to keep their phones secure and their playlists a-flowin’.

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