Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Greenenvy sandals

I rarely wear shoes on the weekends during the summer, which means I give my sandals a thorough work out. GreenEnvy, a company that produces apparel from recycled materials, recently sent me a pair of sandals. Do they survive long walks in town and slips into puddles?

Well, sort of. The foam comprising the sole is comfy and soft, but doesn’t readily adapt to the shape of my feet. The thong fits through my toes snugly, but is otherwise pretty flimsy. And while they slip on nicely, the flip-flops snag easily. In other words, mixed reactions abound.

They’re also a bit plain, though there are more colorful options available at the online store. So while they’ve certainly survived the beaches of North Carolina and the streets of NYC, some things just don’t work out for this green yet drab piece. Check out GreenEnvy and their flip-flops for yourself at

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