Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Express 1MX Shirt

Express isn’t exactly the first brand that comes to mind when considering high fashion streetwear. In attempt to steer that sort of mentality, ten years ago Express created the 1MX, which promised to be higher quality than their usual products. Let’s see how the line fairs now after a decade on the hangers.

First thing I noticed about this black collared: it collects dust like whoa, as shown in the first pic. Of course, cotton (of which the shirt is 100%) is a practically a magnet for dust and being that this piece is black doesn’t help mask what collects. But regardless, a rolling brush clearly didn’t make more than a dent. In terms of the cut, I would say the sleeves are a little too short for a standard Small, but I was pleased by the shape and strength of the collar.

I found myself was less than enthusiastic about the buttons. Since collared shirts allow for only so much variation in detail, buttons are one of the better parts to play around with. Unfortunately, here we find the regular, run-of-the-mill black plastic jobbies all over. Groan. Furthermore, I feel like this shirt could really benefit from a pocket, maybe something more inventive than the breast type that comes standard on so many shirts.

In conclusion, this shirt is just…plain boring. A safe top to don with a nice graphic tee when you’re bar crawling I suppose, but nothing remarkable. Step it up, Express!

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