Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of Del Toro slippers

I love me some slippers. For the last few months, I’ve been wearing a nice pair of LB Evans around the house and, unfortunately, they’ve seen better days. Very recently, thank the Lord, Del Toro Shoes came to the rescue by sending me a pair of their reimagined Prince Albert slippers. Let’s see how these bad boys fair.

del toro

These black velvet slippers are very, very comfortable and fit my feet snuggly. And despite the snugness, they still manage to slip off easily when I want them to. I admit it: wearing a pair of plush slippers made out of velvet certainly gets me thinking I’m quite the sophisticate, despite my penchant for Cheetos and PBR.
del toro
However, I am a little disappointed by how easily the hard soles of the slippers scuff and scratch. I carelessly stepped outside into the street for a bit and that little excursion outside pretty much lead to the condition you see above. I imagine some polish and elbow grease could rectify the situation, but still….

del toro
The people at Del Toro also pride themselves on putting little designs at the toes of the shoes. While there are a lot of cool designs available for purchase, like boats, fancy initials, etc., the design I got is not one of them. Seriously, green droplets? I don’t want to think about slime or ooze when I look at someone’s feet, thank you.

These minor problems, I highly recommend these slippers for the man who enjoys lounging around home like a bum but nevertheless in style. I wonder if Benecio del Toro has a pair?.

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