Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of a Bogosse Shirt

I’m always down to review promising new shirt lines (hint-hint), so I was excited to hear from the people at Bogosse that they wanted me to run one of their shirts through the review hoops. Let’s see how their ‘Matt’ Trim Fit Jacquard Sport Shirt faired.

First off, love the very subtle black and blue dots. I’m so partial to the pattern primarily because it gives the shirt a distinct sheen in the right light. That being said, I found it a little tacky to include a mini-version of the brand’s logo on the button placket. It just looks out of place.

Speaking of the buttons, I feel there’s a split personality at play in the decision-making. The buttons on the body, for example, are square, dark blue, and come in a regular amount – all very lovely qualities. But then there are the buttons on the cuffs, which are square as well but strangely silver-colored. There are also four to each cuff, which dips into excess if you ask me.

Fortunately, the inner print features a fun, lively pattern and only resides in the collar and inside the cuff. No overplay there. So, I would say the good outweighs the questionable in this piece. Cheers to Bogosse!

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  1. Not feeling that shirt at all. They have some nice stuff, just don't like that particular shirt.