Musings on Men’s Fashion – Review of 191Unlimited shirt

The loose, white button-down is an essential summertime piece for anyone looking to be casual yet also chic. 191Unlimited recent sent me a white shirt from their summer collection – let’s see how it fairs.

To its merit, the shirt is fun in that it plays with a lot of curious design elements. For one, note the the double flap pockets, which could be conducive to some interested pin-button arrangements (if you decide to go a little punkish). It also comes with shoulder straps, which are largely useless but nevertheless add to its uniqueness. My favorite change in detail, though, are the rectangular buttons on the shirt as well as the cuffs. Who would have thought to square the traditional circle? The shirt also fits well and rarely clings when I’m sweating from being outside

However, I do take issue with the sowing for this particular piece. As you can very well tell, threading has already occurred around the cuff buttons and this is with under a month’s worth of wearing. It’s so bad in fact that I need to struggle to undo the fastening, at times breaking threads themselves in order to release the buttons. There are also loose threads around the button holes of the placket. Shoddy work, to say the least.

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  1. I like your blog, it's taught me to pay a little more attention to detail when it comes to picking out my clothes. I have always looked my clothes over to make sure that there are no holes or stains, but I have hardly ever looked at the stitching.