Musings on Men’s Fashion: Cassius sunglasses

Sure, it isn’t exactly summertime anymore (here at least) but it still hurts to get sun in your otherwise unprotected eyes. Sunglasses really are perennial items, if only to help with aseasonal frustrations like driving glare. Of course, sunglasses don’t serve only some functional purpose: when it comes to fashion, they’re by far the most popular “face accessory”. Which is kind of awkward term come to think of it…

People get that I take sunglasses pretty seriously, so someone recently got me this pair of Cassius sunglasses as a special gift. I’m not going to lie: I have some very mixed feelings about this model. Sure, from a purely practical standpoint, these Niemeyers are legit: they do a fabulous job of filtering out irritating light without tinging basic colors. Which is badass. They’re also well-constructed all around, what with strong hinges and a solid frame.

All that accounted for, these shades are without a doubt ridiculous looking. After a first glance in the mirror, the frame’s thickness and sharp whiteness made me think of ivory, which is an unsettling material to associate with eyewear. Sorry, I don’t wear dead calcified animal parts. The whiteness is also positively blinding when in strong light, which tickles me a little as hypocrisy usually does. Speaking of color, the gold paint on the moving parts screams something of ostentation, which is dramatic in my eyes. But the most over the top quality about the piece would be the lens. I feel like people lose sight of a third of my face when I wear them! And *this* face is all I got!

Maybe there’s a case to be made for the odd choice of design on Cassius’s part: Feel free to try and enlighten me. Until then, I’m back to my Pradas. Could be worse.

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