Musing on Men’s Fashion – Coveroo engravings

Without question, the cellphone became a fashion accessory with the introduction of the iPhone. In fact, now smart phone themselves have fashion accessories. One stylistic addition available to your mobile social unit is an engraving. Coveroo offers personalized engravings for iPhones, Droids, Visios, you name it. Let’s see how my Droid fairs from their service.

I’m pleased with the way my requested engraving turned out. Printed onto a plate identical to the one issued to me with the phone, the lazer-cut quality met the expectations that come with a $50 price tag. The gold fill of the characters also matches the gold paintjobs on some the original parts and makes the text legible from afar. The additional specifications for the text, like font face and size, accommodated nicely for the aphorism I supplied. The only quibble on my mind is that the commas’ tails aren’t long enough and so sometimes it’s hard to discern the punctuation at use.
It’s a nice addition, though maybe a little too vain for some. But, hey, I rock mine…

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