Musing on Men’s Fashion – Board shorts, bro

Summertime means everyone will be looking to flaunt (for better or worse) their bodies at the beach or the pool. And the potential for disaster doesn’t even stop there: As you probably know, the world is full of tasteless, ugly, and even nauseating swim trunks. Fortunately, within the vast and often scary spectrum of swimming apparel out there, board shorts are one of the safer bets for a man concerned with keeping stylish on the shore.

In case you didn’t know [noob] trunks of this kind are made with water resistant material, are lightweight, and were used first by professional surfers. So while they are easy to wear and designed for aquatic activity, they don’t shrink or cling to your pelvis. And since they’re shorts, you’ll never risk looking like that creepy guy who wear thongs and hasn’t worked out a day in his life. Again, since you have a decent of amount of cloth to work with, boardshorts can feature fairly involved designs. Personally, I think the wave decals on the ones below are pretty spiffy.

As always, keep it gnarly, gents.

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